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Here’s A Quick Kombucha 101 If You’ve Never Tried It Before

If you've been sleeping on kombucha, it's time to wake up!

Okay, so kombucha, the booch, or, as some like to call it, the champagne of life…

1. First things first, here's how you actually pronounce kombucha:

Looks a little daunting to all non-linguists, right? So here's a version that's easier on the eyes:

2. With a history dating back to 220 BC, kombucha has been referred to as the “tea of immortality” in Eastern cultures because of its supposed healing properties.

3. As an extra bonus, this “sacred elixir’s” key ingredient is called a SCOBY (or Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast), which is added to the base of a sweetened tea.

4. When kombucha is authentically brewed, it also gets packed with BILLIONS of living probiotics that can help support digestion and gut health.

5. Pro tip: When you open your first bottle, try to make your first taste a teeny tiny *seep* like you're kissing a dainty little flower rather than downing a massive gulp. The tangy taste can be surprising at first, so gentleness is 🔑.

6. When it’s bottled and on the shelf, you might notice small clusters of floaties collecting in the bottle. Don't be afraid — they're good for you.

7. While your gut reaction might be to mix and disperse the cultured floaties, it’s important to remember: Do. Not. Shake. The. Bottle. The natural effervescence will literally explode in your face.

8. Beware: Not all kombuchas are legit.

9. Anytime is a good time to booch.

10. In fact, kombucha can also be used in a variety of foods and cocktails to pack a delicious, flavorful probiotic punch into your everyday faves.

You might find yourself making some decadent overnight oats with a coffee-infused blend.

Or adding a splash or two for some fun desserts!

You can even use kombucha as a better-for-you mixer.

Say goodbye to tasteless, seltzer-mixed drinks. You're moving up to mixologist status with some fancy booch-based cocktails!

So even after all this info dump, you might still be a little apprehensive about trying kombucha, but TBH, why not try a few bottles with fun names and vibrant colors that catch your eye? Go on — we dare you.

And who knows? You might be the inspiring force behind someone else's deep dive into the world of kombucha. Cheers!

Facts courtesy of GT's Kombucha.

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