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Here Are You Find --The Dress On Amazon

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Nerds Dress

Satisfy your sweet tooth without consuming a single calorie every time you wear this colorful Nerds dress. This fun and stylish dress comes with the Nerds logo and graphic printed over the entire front just like the original candy, and comes in either pink or purple.

Disco Ball Dress

Be the center of attention all night long with this head turning disco ball dress. Whether you’ve got Saturday night fever or just love flashy apparel, the disco ball dress will instantly become your favorite little outfit for painting the town red.

Power Rangers Dresses

Make every 90s geek at the Halloween party instantly fall in love with you with these Power Ranger dresses. Available in all the original Power Ranger colors, these sexy retro dresses will score you huge brownie points with men who have no idea how to please you.

Princess Dress Blanket

Now with the princess dress blanket, there’ll be no need for a fairy god mother if your little girl wants to look and feel like royalty. This lovely duvet features a regal and elegant dress emblazoned over the front and is complimented by a tiara pillow case.

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