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Do You Know The Truth Behind Hashima Island In Japan?

Hashima Island, which was declared a UNESCO World Heirtage site in 2015, is actually the place where 600 Koreans were forced into labor. Especially, 120 people died because of this forced labor, but Japanese government is denying it and rather distorting historical fact. Therefore, I put up the advertisement 'Truth of Hashima Island' on New York Times Square to correct history and spread it to the world. Now I would like to tell the truth to the world through SNS. We hope that Japanese government will genuinely apologize to the victims of forced labor.

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Do you know the truth behind Hashima Island in Japan?

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在2015年正式列入世界遗产名录的日本端岛, 曾有600多名韩国劳工被强征奴役,其中120人丧命,但日本政府一直否认这一事实。因此,把揭露端岛真相的视频投放纽约时代广场电子屏幕,让全球人知道其曾强征韩国劳工的事实。而现在,要用此社交网站向世界宣传相关历史的真相。希望日本政府尽早真诚向强制劳工们道歉。

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