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Can We Talk About That #AHS Episode Last Night?

American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare

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Between Evan Peter's big season 6 debut, the brutal most disgusting wtf killings, and the escape of Shelby, Matt, and Flora, American Horror Story is just beginning to get juicy.

On last night's episode "Chapter 5," we finally were introduced to Evan Peter's character Edward Phillippe Mott (aka ancestor of Dandy and his mother from Freak Show). Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin tells the story of the original homeowner and how the home was brought about. Edward Mott was a very rich man who had social anxiety. He left his wife and kids so he can live a new life in the mansion with his beloved art and his male servant Guinness (yes, there was a steamy gay love scene between them *cue the applause*).

One night Edward hears noises and goes downstairs to see his beloved artwork damaged. He then goes into raging beast mode and accuses his servants (except Guinness) of destroying the artwork and punishes them by locking them in a cellar, which they die due to starvation.

While sleeping, Edward hears sounds outside and comes to find the butcher and her colony waiting for him. Confused, he goes outside and is PISSED because these people are on his land and gets into a skiffle with the butcher. Of course, he meets his death at the hands of the butcher with a tall and thick wood pole that disgustingly glides through his body and is then thrown in a fire and burned alive. (*vomit*).

The episode continues on back with the storyline of Shelby, Matt, and Flora trying to escape the butcher and her colony. While I thought some of the gruesome stuff was over, yea, I thought wrong.

Shelby, Matt, and Flora get some help from the ghost of Edward Mott and finally have a chance to escape, but instead find the house that belongs to the hillbillies and decide to go there (WHY?). There they see Elias, whom they thought was dead, but instead see him alive with his leg and arm are cut off and they learn from the hillbillies that "Mama Polk" is making food (yes, out of Elias's chopped ligaments *barf*).

They also learn that the hillbilly family has a deal with the butcher, so they tie Shelby, Matt, and Flora up and go on their way to bring them to the butcher. While trying to escape (which they do for like a second) Mama takes a sledgehammer and breaks Shelby's ankle so she can't escape.

Finally they bring them to the butcher and her army so they can at last die at the hands of the butcher. Lee arrives as the butcher decides to kill Flora first (GASP! a child killing on AHS?!), but as she is about to......PLOT TWIST! The butcher's son hits his mother and he brings them both into the fire where they "die" together. Taking the opportunity, Shelby, Matt, Lee, and Flora get the f**k out of there and go to a motel and finally have a chance to relax (except Shelby still is haunted by the butcher in her dreams).

While this episode was totally creepy, scary, and just plain WTF, it is the preview for next week's episode that has got fans rolling. We see the camera crew walking in modern time and actor Cheyenne Jackson tells the cameraman "we keep rolling no matter what." Murphy did say earlier in the season that episode 6 of this season was going to be a GAME CHANGER. Guess we'll have to just wait until next week to find out!

Tell me your thoughts!

What do you think that game changer is?

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