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NHBuzzFeed Community Setup And Tips

Some tips on embedding tweets, Tumblr, Quizzes...etc.

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BuzzFeed Community Setup

To get a user name, please visit the BuzzFeed Community and click the join us button on the right. Sign up with an email and then note your username and URL (for example, my user name is grygiel and my URL is

BuzzFeed Dashbird

You have to follow these steps to get the dashbird setup--you essentially need to reset your password and get a link sent to your email.

To create a subbuzz, make sure to hover on the left until you see a blue tool (see below) that allows you to add them.


# Save frequently (after each subbuz and preview to test that it saved)

# Hit enter after typing in the editor to load the links and render the html edits live

# Quizzes cannot be changed after they are published as this would change the result calculations


Not surprised by reports of "news FOMO" as more and more important info is announced via Twitter @StocktonSays

Subbuzz: link

You can embed a tweet by going to a tweet and selecting "copy link to tweet." If it's a tweet that might be deleted, you should screenshot and upload and site the URL where you go it.


thatsgrace / Via

Subbuzz: embed

On Tumblr: use embed code

For other images you must cite where you got them from as BuzzFeed does not have API integrations for all site (Imgur, Reddit etc.)

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