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Jacob Tremblay Was Officially The Most Adorable Thing At The Oscars

"Hey Chris, I loved you in Madagascar!"

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I think we can all agree who The King of this year's award season is...

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P.S. It's Jacob Tremblay

Last night at the 88th Annual Academy Awards, Jacob absolutely "out-adorabled" himself yet again!

E! / Via

He was ready to turn up and wanted everyone to know about it.

ABC / Via

He thinks being at The Oscars is..."pretty cool", incase you wanted to know.

ABC / Via

His favourite characters from Star Wars made an appearance and he got too excited to sit still and it was freakin' adorable.

When he presented, he was so excited and polite, we couldn't even handle the level of cuteness he was serving.

Mashable News / ABC / Via

Like come on, are you kidding me?

Mashable News / ABC / Via

You can watch the full video right here at Mashable News

He was openly rooting for his co-star and BEST FRIEND, Brie Larson, to win Best Actress and it made our hearts melt.

ABC / Via


ABC / Via

Brie Larson's winning moment. Adorable.

And obviously he needed to take a selfie with his best friend, Best Actress winner, Brie Larson. Did I mention they are best friends?

ABC / Via

He may not have won a little gold trophy last night, but he certainly won over the entire planet. Atta boy Jacob, NEVER CHANGE!

Perez Hilton/TBS / Via

Meanwhile, all of us be like...

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