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Demi Lovato Covered "Hello" By Adele And She Sounds Like A Goddess

Next step, collaboration?

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Let's just cut to the chase. You know powerhouse singer Demi Lovato, and you damn well know about voice-of-an-angel Adele.


And if you don't....well, time to open a window, leave your room, get out in the world.

And like the civilized human being you are, you are obsessed with Adele's newest single, "Hello".

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You've definitely tried to sing this but failed miserably haven't you? We all have, don't worry.

And if you didn't sense my sarcastic tone, I'M KIDDING, IT'S NOT CASUAL. Just listen for yourself and be blown away. There's no comment I can make that will do Demi justice. LISTEN!

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XL Records / Via

Goosebumps RIGHT?

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