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10 Objects That Are Stronger Than Any Relationship I've Ever Had

You know, sometimes the lonely life is the best life. Friends is all you need. *Cries self to sleep*

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3. A bottle cap

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This includes: Water bottles, Advil, Tylenol, any medications really.

It takes an army to rip the cap and the bottle apart. Yet it only takes one conversation with someone of the opposite sex to end your relationship forever.

9. Jawbreaker

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You see it takes time and effort to really get deep within the jawbreaker. You were just lacking both time and effort when starting your relationship, which is why you got dumped.

10. Condoms

Luckily these were stronger than your relationship or else you'd be in one shitty mess right now. No like actually though, babies shit a lot, and guess who'd be cleaning it? You. :)

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