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15 Reasons Delivery Guys Are The True Heroes Of Winter

Snowflakes the size of pancakes? *Orders pancakes* Click. Click. Food.

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4. Nothing gets in the way of you and your delivery food thanks to our neon-caped crusaders.

5. We (unreasonably) expect them to show up no matter the circumstance.

6. Does your driveway look like an ice rink made of black ice? *Orders a sandwich from the bodega around the corner*

7. Haven't shoveled the driveway in a week? *Asks for extra ranch*

9. Never failing to go the extra mile to make sure your precious cargo arrives in one piece.

10. Sometimes, even more brutal conditions are waiting for the delivery guys behind our doors.

11. As they overcome dangerous terrains they never dreamed of facing on an odd Thursday.

GrubHub salutes our winter heroes!

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