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11 New Positions To Try This Valentine's Day

It's not exactly Kama Sutra... but these positions can be done alone :) or with friends ;). Stay in this Valentine's Day and try something new with Grubhub. Click. Click. Food.

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1. The Single's Scissor

Let's cut to the chase: When you're home alone, your posture is anything but perfect. Often taking the shape of a human scissor, The Single's Scissor maximizes comfort while allowing you to multitask (aka eating and watching TV simultaneously).

2. The Tandem Tangle

Take one Single's Scissor, add another, flip it, and reverse it. The Tandem Tangle can be friendly or flirty, but most importantly, it's space efficient. As long as your partner doesn't have stinky feet, you can both recline, dine, and drink some wine.

3. The Corkscrew Screwup

It's pretty much a given that you lose your wine corkscrew when you need it most. If you've committed to a treat yo self wine night in this Valentine's Day, you might find yourself in this kneeling position, praying to the wine overlords for mercy.

4. The Tasting Table

Eating off of a table is so passé. Engage the whole party and get a solid core workout in the Tasting Table position. It's cheaper than a prix fixe, and you'll learn more about your friend's abilities than you would at a campfire. Trying food is way more fun when you have a spine.

6. The Trick Shot

Leaning in... it's more than just a self-help book turned meme. The Trick Shot is all about getting what you want, whether it be the first shot or first dibs. This Valentine's Day, just go for what you want... even if your "Trick Shot" requires a cheap shot or two.

7. The Small Spoon Surprise.

Treat your sweet to a sweet treat with the Small Spoon Surprise. Cuddle up to your Valentine with a piece of their favorite dessert — just don't forget the little spoon before you start spooning.

8. The Ol' Kit & Canoodle

Lady and the Tramp isn't a cliché, it's a classic. You and your bae have probably kissed hundreds of time, but when was the last time carbs were involved? Kiss and cuddle the night away with the Ol' Kit & Canoodle.

9. The Buddy System

A position that requires three or more, just to make sure you've covered all the bases. Destination? Check. Game plan? Check. Food and drink? Check. Mass text? Check. The Buddy System is all about playing the field during February's real "Big Game": bar crawling on Valentine's Day.

10. The Intertwined Lockdown

One's eyes are meant to be the mirror into their soul. But, one’s mouth is actually a mirror into their stomach. Feed the hunger of your sig other in the Intertwined Lockdown with some snackable hors d’oeuvres this Valentine’s. Let it be the taste before the main course. ;)

11. The Sloppy Sleepover

Just because you’re all grown up doesn’t mean you can’t still have a girl’s night like you used to. The Sloppy Sleepover is all about sharing V-Day with the original loves of your life. Food... embarrassing stories... pretty much anything except for guys.

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