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11 Struggles Of Being The Most Competitive Person On Earth

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1. First, nobody appreciates your greatness. They're way too jealous.

2. Your friends always get frustrated when you win because they're just a bunch of crybabies.

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3. People always accuse you of "cheating" when, in reality, you just do whatever it takes to stop your opponent from winning. There's a difference, maybe!

4. You regularly blow off important engagements because you're locked in battle.

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5. They wouldn't let you be the best man at your own wedding. "Screw you, Thomas, I'M THE BEST."


6. People get upset when you beat children at games. Don't defend him just because he's little! HE KNEW THE STAKES.


7. You've been victorious so many times that now everyone is too scared to play you in any games.

8. Every time you win it's because of skill and intelligence, and every time your opponent wins it's just dumb luck. UGH. So annoying.

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9. Everyone says you're a sore loser. NO. It was just boring. You got bored and flipped the table to make it more exciting.

10. You have, like, 15 kids, because you're the best at parenthood. NOBODY BEATS YOU AT HAVING KIDS.


11. And now that it's March, you're about to have more money than you know what to do with.