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15 Reasons You're Reading This Post Right Now

Working really hard right now? Ha. You're reading this post because you're bored at work and you know it. Tune in to Ground Floor, premiering tonight at 10/9c on TBS, because these employees get you.

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1. Your boss just freaked out on you.


And you're emotionally compartmentalizing.

2. You're trying to look really busy.


"Just reading this really important brief over here. Just so, so busy."

3. You're falling asleep under the hum of the fluorescent lights.


It's the sound of silence.

4. Because looking at cats drastically improves your work performance.


It's scientifically proven.

5. Because "NSFW" is like a challenge for you.

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It basically means, "You must take a peak and then look around to see who caught you."

6. The printer pissed you off AGAIN, and you need to chill.


You must seek the appropriate safe place to let it all out.

7. Your co-workers are driving you into madness.


Shut up. Shut up. Shut UP.

8. You just have to break up the monotony.


The daily grind makes you wonder sometimes if you're even human anymore.

9. You just walked in on a very uncomfortable situation with your co-workers.


And you NEED to erase it from your mind.

10. Let's be real: There's no getting work done around here anyway.


Like, what's even the point?

11. There's only like an hour left of work, so you DGAF.



12. You're always on the lookout for something funny to share with everyone.


You want to be the fun guy at the office, NBD.

13. You simply cannot figure this one project out.


You can email the help desk all day long, but you're getting nowhere. Sorry.

14. You're really not qualified for this job anyway.


"How did I even get here?"

15. You actually just hate your job.


Yep. Hate it. Hate life too.

Check out Ground Floor on TBS, premiering tonight at 10/9c!

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