14 Of The Best And Worst Things About Dating A Co-Worker

There are plenty of spoken rules about not dating a co-worker, but rules are made to be broken, right? Finding yourself in love in the office can either be the best or the worst. Tune in to Ground Floor, premiering tonight at 10/9c on TBS, to see what office romance is really like.

1. Best: Getting up for the same alarm.

Or at least having someone who doesn’t want flak from the boss, so they force you awake. Same thing.

2. Best: Secret rendezvous. ;)

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3. Best: Your lives are so in sync.

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Bad day at the office? You aren’t alone.

4. Best: Having a lunch buddy.

Who you think looks super cute when they chew and you spend all day thinking about it.

5. Best: Love notes.

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Real subtle love notes.

6. Best: Suggestive behavior.

There’s nothing quite like mounting sexual tension at the office.

7. Best: Sharing gossip.

What’s more fun than talking poorly about other co-workers while cuddling in bed?

8. Worst: Jealousy.

Your office spouse DOES NOT like it when you giggle with other co-workers.

9. Worst: Fighting.

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Fighting at the office means passive-aggressively ignoring each other all day and dragging everyone else into your drama.

10. Worst: Being TOO close.

You already know everything about their day, so there is literally no mystery. “Yes, I know. I was there.”

11. Worst: Office gossip.

Everyone at work gossips about your relationship, and they all judge you.

12. Worst: Faking it.

They have to pretend they hate you for a while, so no one will realize that they actually love you.

13. Worst: Waiting at the office.

You just want to go home but they have, like, 20 more emails to get through.

14. Worst: Passive-aggressive notes.

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There’s no room for error when you spend 24 hours a day with each other.

Check out Ground Floor on TBS, premiering tonight at 10/9c!

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