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    Gobble, Gobble, 10 New Ways To Talk Turkey For Thanksgiving

    It is all about the turkey! Check out these 10 new and delicious ways to talk turkey on Thanksgiving!

    1. Fresh Herb and Garlic Smoked Turkey

    Grits and Pinecones / Via

    2. Cajun "Fried" Turkey without the Fry

    Pudge Factor / Via

    3. Brown Sugar Date Roast Turkey

    Vintage Kitty / Via

    4. Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Turkey Breast with Garlic and Herb Sauce

    From a Chef's Kitchen / Via

    5. Butter and Herb Roasted Turkey

    Carrie's Experimental Kitchen / Via

    6. Epic Duck Fat Roasted Turkey

    Bessie Bakes / Via

    7. Emergency Turkey and Gravy

    The Hungry Waitress / Via

    8. Maple Bacon Roasted Turkey

    Carrie's Experimental Kitchen / Via

    9. Turkey Breast Roulade

    Pudge Factor / Via

    10. Easy Turkey Skillet Dinner for Four

    Grits and Pinecones / Via