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12 Unusual Flavor Combinations That Will Wake Up Your Taste Buds

Sometimes the unlikeliest combinations end up being the best. This Fourth of July, experiment with unique flavor combos over the flame and take your grilling to the next level with the Grillerhood.

1. Grilled Pineapple and Sharp Cheddar

2. Grilled Watermelon and Hot Sauce

3. Peaches and Grilled Chicken

4. Bacon and Banana (or Bacon and Anything)

5. Chocolate and Chili Peppers

6. Avocado and Coffee

7. Shrimp and Plums

8. Steak and Peaches

9. Eggs and Chocolate

10. Dill Pickle and Ice Cream

11. Hamburger and Peanut Butter

12. Mustard and Bourbon

Explore the entire array of flavors with the Grillerhood!