12 Unusual Flavor Combinations That Will Wake Up Your Taste Buds

Sometimes the unlikeliest combinations end up being the best. This Fourth of July, experiment with unique flavor combos over the flame and take your grilling to the next level with the Grillerhood.

1. Grilled Pineapple and Sharp Cheddar

You can eat this combo as a savory dessert or add it to a burger. Grill a thickly cut piece of pineapple for about 2 minutes per side, or until a softer texture is achieved, then melt a slice of cheese on top.

2. Grilled Watermelon and Hot Sauce

This is a surprisingly good sweet and spicy combination.

Pair these flavors with shrimp by following this easy recipe for Fiery 5 Pepper Shrimp and Watermelon Kabobs.

3. Peaches and Grilled Chicken

Pair seasonal fresh peaches with your grilled chicken with this recipe for Pulled Chicken Sandwiches with Peach Salsa.

4. Bacon and Banana (or Bacon and Anything)

Bacon’s fatty, salty and smoky flavors make it a delicious addition to almost every food. Wrap slices of banana in bacon and grill over low heat until the bacon begins to brown.

5. Chocolate and Chili Peppers

Mole, the traditional Mexican sauce, may have been one of the first combinations of chocolate with chili peppers. Today, high-end confectioners are combining dried chili peppers with dark chocolate.

Get this flavor on your grill with slow-cooked Chocolate Chile Barbecue Ribs.

6. Avocado and Coffee

For a rich, sweet, and savory treat, try this beverage: Blend 1/2 avocado with 1 cup brewed coffee (cooled), 1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk, 2 tsp vanilla, and ice cubes. It’s a perfect outdoor summer dessert.

7. Shrimp and Plums

You can be the star of your next potluck with this bold, savory and sweet flavor combination.

Follow this killer recipe for Applewood Grilled Shrimp & Plum Salad with Cinnamon Honey Dressing.

8. Steak and Peaches

Grill summer peaches along with the meat and serve as a sweet, juicy accompaniment. Follow these instructions from the 2013 Grilling Flavor Forecast for a Spicy Teriyaki-Marinated Flank Steak with Grilled Peaches.

9. Eggs and Chocolate

Add a couple teaspoons of cocoa powder to your omelet to give it a savory/sweet punch. Follow this recipe for a Chocolate Cheese Omelet.

10. Dill Pickle and Ice Cream

This can be hard to find, but some boutique ice cream shops are making this tangy, dill-flavored dessert. Surprise your guests with an unforgettable summer dessert at your next cookout.

11. Hamburger and Peanut Butter

You can’t go wrong with Elvis Presley’s favorite food. Next time you’re grilling burgers, try adding some peanut butter.

12. Mustard and Bourbon

Get this tangy and sweet flavor combination on your grill by making Dijon Brown Sugar Bourbon Chicken. Serve with Montreal Grilled Potato Salad for a great cookout meal.

Explore the entire array of flavors with the Grillerhood!

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