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    What Professional Chefs Are Buying For Their Own Kitchens On Amazon

    Chefs… they’re just like us.

    When you think of a seasoned culinary expert, you probably picture someone in a pristine kitchen with rare appliances that are impossible for a layperson to get their hands on.

    A garlic press, hand peeler and storage container from Amazon

    We asked our favorite chefs and home cooks to spill the tea on their favorite kitchen items from the big A. Whether you’re refreshing your own kitchen, just learning how to cook or are always on the lookout for new culinary gear, there’ll be something for you on the list.

    1. Chef'n PalmPeeler

    the PalmPeeler

    2. Benriner mandoline slicer

    the mandoline slicer

    3. Microplane professional series ribbon grater

    the microplane

    4. A Bar Above short cocktail picks

    cocktail picks and their packaging

    5. Wüsthof classic 8-inch chef's knife

    the knife

    6. Javelin instant read meat thermometer

    the thermometer

    7. Ideal Gangy can opener

    the can opener

    8. OXO Good Grips 9-inch whisk

    9. Maldon sea salt flakes

    a container of the salt flakes

    10. Kuhn Rikon Epicurean garlic press

    the garlic press

    11. Zulay Metal 2-In-1 lemon lime squeezer

    the lemon squeezer

    12. JB Prince bowl scraper

    the bowl scraper

    13. Deluxe Knifedock in-drawer kitchen knife storage

    the storage device in a drawer

    14. A collapsible cooling rack

    the cooling rack open and collapsed

    15. ThermoPro digital meat thermometer

    the thermometer

    16. OXO Good Grips short Pop container set

    three containers being used to store candy

    17. Ateco offset spatula

    the spatula

    18. A set of five 8.5-inch silicone spatulas

    spatulas in a variety of colors

    19. Global 5-inch chef's utility knife

    the knife

    20. ScotchBlue painter's tape

    the tape in its packaging