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    A Film Expert Explains Why Your TV Really Needs A Soundbar (And Which Ones To Buy)

    Whether you’re going full home theater or just want to hear crisper dialogue, these great-sounding speakers are worth the splurge.

    If you’ve recently purchased a new television, you’re likely loving the intense color and lifelike images. Yet, if your TV set is of the new micro-thin variety that’s becoming increasingly popular, it may leave something to be desired in terms of sound quality. Per Andrew Gormley, a freelance cinematographer, director, and podcast producer, this is no coincidence.

    The Sonos Beam and Polk Signa.

    To help you find a sound bar of your own, Gormley shared his five favorite picks.


    1. A top-of-the-line option from a household-name brand

    Living room with a mounted TV and soundbar, adjacent to modern wooden cabinetry and decor

    2. A smaller-but-similar option at a much more affordable price

    A TV set on a wooden console with a soundbar under it

    3. An under-$400 pick that our expert identified as a great value

    A living room setup with a sound bar below a wall-mounted TV, a subwoofer, two beverage bottles, popcorn, and candies on a console

    4. Another reasonably-priced option from a beloved electronics brand

    LG UHD TV on a stand with matching sound bar below, displaying a blue floral image, advertised for 49" and up models

    5. A solid, "nice-looking" option that will offer most folks a significant upgrade

    Television displaying a man and woman conversing, with a center speaker below emphasizing clear dialogue