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    7 Of The Best Apartment Air Conditioners To Keep You Cool This Summer, According To Reviews

    Whether you’re in the market for a window unit or portable option, these ACs will help you beat the summer heat.

    The best part of living in an apartment is that when something goes wrong you can likely call your landlord or super to deal with it. But when it comes to keeping your space cool in the heat, or even just remotely comfortable, you may be on your own. If you’re gearing up for summer or need to replace some tired machines, we’ve rounded up some of the highest rated, most beloved air conditioning units for apartments.

    Some are lighter than traditional models, which is so helpful if you have to bring them up endless stairs. Some don’t go in the window, which is nice if you don’t have window access. Some are extra quiet, which is great if noise travels in your building. Some work to combat humidity and others work to give you some extra moisture in a dry climate. And some just look a lot nicer than older ACs, and yes, that is a perfectly good reason to choose a new home appliance.

    Life is too short to suffer through another sticky summer. We hope you find the perfect AC for your living space and lifestyle, to stay cool, calm and collected until it’s cool again.

    1. A super sleek unit that's as good-looking as it is powerful

    2. A stand-alone unit that's also a dehumidifier

    Reviewer's photo of air conditioner with hose in window

    3. A super sleek portable AC with over 28,000 5-star reviews

    4. A U-shaped window unit that's super quiet

    5. A compact unit that's under $200 and weighs less than 40 pounds

    window unit in window

    6. A portable compact air conditioner with a dehumidifier

    freestanding unit with hose leading to window

    7. A portable AC you can control from your smartphone

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