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    29 Splurge-Worthy Things From Walmart That’ll Make A Huge Difference In Your Home

    From mid-century modern coffee tables to restaurant-grade knife sets, give your home a glow-up.

    1. A yellow, 16-piece, nonstick ceramic cookware set that'll bring some color to your kitchen, even if you never *actually* cook. The set includes everything you need for your kitchen, ensuring that everything you chef up is as good as it can be. The nonstick coating will make cleaning a dream, but you can throw them in the dishwasher, too.

    the yellow cookware set

    2. A mid-century modern bedside table, because your TMJ mouthguard and anti-snoring nasal strips deserve to be stored in style. The sleek handle and angular legs will have people thinking you collect expensive vintage furniture on the side. (Though it does vintage one better by including a wireless charging port to keep you and your Qi-enabled devices all charged up without a mess of wires.)

    Brown one-drawer nightstand in trendy bedroom

    3. A Wi-Fi-powered robot vacuum cleaner, so you can feel like Zenon, girl of the 21st century, with a spotless apartment. You can hook the device up to your phone, so cleaning is as easy as ordering Postmates or making a new Spotify playlist. You also can schedule a cleaning on the app, so you can arrive home to a clean floor, or connect the vacuum to your Alexa or Google Assistant.

    Black, circle robot vacuum cleaner and remote control

    4. A sliding barn door storage unit for your dining room, kitchen, living room, or studio apartment that's a kitchen–living room–dining room in one. The top can hold up to 250 pounds, making this a great entertainment console, and the sliding door will let you hide your assortment of chargers, mail, and other unaesthetic things you have nowhere else to put, while giving you space to show off your fancy candles and photo books you've never read.

    White storage unit in shabby chic apartment

    5. A 6-quart air fryer, because homemade potato chips are the definition of self-love. With the ability to air fry, roast, reheat, and dehydrate, this machine can replace your oven and microwave. Also, having dehydrated fruit on tap will make you feel like a rich hippie mom (think Zoë Kravitz in Big Little Lies) who wears a lot of linen.

    Silver air fryer in city kitchen

    6. A Drew Barrymore Flower Home wooden leaning mirror that will look as good in your bedroom as it will in your #OOTD posts. With a stained wood frame and craft paper backing, this mirror is durable and tear resistant and will last through long-distance moves and late-night impromptu furniture rearranging sessions.

    Rectangle mirror in boho bedroom

    7. A café-quality espresso machine, because this baby can make drip coffee as you make espresso *and* froth milk, all at once.

    Silver and black Gevi espresso maker

    8. A 6-quart cast iron Dutch oven for finally making all the recipes you've bookmarked from Tasty. With a durable porcelain enamel, you can boil, braise, bake, and throw it in the oven. The shape allows for ideal heat distribution, for consistent cooking (even if you're having an off day).

    Silver dutch oven on stove

    9. A Drew Barrymore Flower Home brass-and-rattan floor lamp to brighten up the room when you're reading literature and having tea (or shopping online and drinking White Claw). The rattan shade is a timeless classic, and the antiqued brass neck is durable and sturdy. With an on/off foot switch, you can put this lamp anywhere without worrying about reaching the switch.

    Floor lamp in colorful living room

    10. A sparkling water and soda maker because the only thing trendier than drinking seltzer is going no-waste. No batteries or electricity is needed, so this device stores easily and can go anywhere. Carbonating your own water and juice (and wine and cocktails), you'll save money you would have spent going out and buying cases of La Croix. You'll also help save the planet.

    the soda maker

    11. A floral watercolor 16-piece dinnerware set that will make your day-old Postmates look like a 5-star meal. They're made of durable ceramic, so they stack well, yet they're still dishwasher and microwave safe.

    Pink and purple plate set

    12. A chic, black desk for "working at home" (watching Love Island and sending the occasional email). The compact desk will make the most of a smaller space, and the open cubby/drawer combo is the perfect mix of accessibility and privacy. All your files can be easily grabbed, while your extra toner can be stored away.

    Black, thin writing desk in apartment

    13. A Vitamix 5300 that will turn your apartment into a smoothie bar with cool hanging plants and Jack Johnson playing. The "pulse" feature is great for making stews, soups, and chunky salsas. With an easily adjustable dial, you'll be able to get everything exactly how you want it.

    Black Vitamix in trendy kitchen.

    14. A Camilia Birds wall art set to make you look like an art historian to your friends, family, and Hinge dates. The pieces come framed, saving you a trip to the frame store (read: another online order from Walmart) and are ready to be hung right out of the box. The antique bronze finish with silver trim is sure to tie your space together.

    Pink and blue birds and vines painting

    15. A neon velvet office chair because all-staff Zoom meetings need all the excitement they can get. With sloping arms and a rounded seat cushion, this chair will keep you supported all day long. The supportive bottom with wheels makes it easy to move and groove through your office.

    Hot pink office chair on wheels

    16. A wood console table to hold your keys, wallet, sunglasses, ChapStick, random mail, and everything else you dump the minute you walk in the house. The solid wood makes it a durable and long-lasting piece that will warm up your house for years to come. The bottom shelf means extra storage, and the sleek shape makes this piece extra versatile.

    Brown thin table with books in warm living room

    17. A Drew Barrymore Flower Home blue-velvet mid-century modern accent chair that will make you feel like a lifestyle blogger, even when you haven't showered in a week and all your vegetables are getting rubbery. The durable wooden frame will last the test of time, and the back and seat cushions will make it your favorite place to work from home.

    the blue chair

    18. An eight-piece kitchen knife set for chopping all sorts of gourmet ingredients (like frozen pizza and blocks of cheddar cheese). The high-carbon stainless-steel blades are super strong and durable, and the handles are designed for an easy grip that gives you maximum control.

    Wooden and metal knife set

    19. A crocheted footstool that's the next best thing to going to summer camp and learning how to macramé. The sturdy wooden legs make it a versatile piece that can be an extra chair, a footrest, or just a place to put your drinks. The neutral cotton color means it will look good in any space.

    White and brown ottoman in boho living room

    20. A KitchenAid stand mixer that will have you baking goodies for all your friends. The compact size means it will fit perfectly in your kitchen, even if you have *no* counter space. This model includes a coated flat beater, dough hook, and wire whip to keep you busy for years to come. It's also ready for add-ons like ice cream makers and pasta machines, making it a super-versatile device.

    the stand mixer

    21. An 8-quart Instant Pot so you can finally be a person who "meal preps." No cap, this thing makes it all: soup, chicken, rice, yogurt, oatmeal, bread, you name it. You don't even have to know how to cook, you just have to know how to hit a button.

    Silver Instapot

    22. A Drew Barrymore Flower Home mid-century bar stool to turn your kitchen into one of those bougie cocktail bars that puts raw herbs in their drinks. With long tapered legs and a footrest bar, this chair is the meeting of comfort and chic. The solid-wood construction makes it a sturdy chair, and the abstract leopard print will make you look like a world traveler with your own private jet.

    Blue and brown barstool in funky apartment

    23. A Queer Eye mid-century modern coffee table to display all your plants and expensive candles. The walnut wood grain finish will warm up any room, and the open and closed spaces let you decide what things you want to display (and what you want to be hidden). It's the perfect piece to hold food and drinks as you hang by the couch, or to tie the room together.

    Brown chic coffee table in city apartment

    24. A gold Art Deco bar cart to make you feel like a fancy Real Adult TM (even if you're still drinking cheap vodka and RedBull). The glass makes it airy and elegant, while the gold metal makes a strong visual statement. It's also on wheels, so it's convenient and can move around your apartment with ease. You can even use it as a table or shelf if your bar days are behind you.

    Gold and class bar bart in living room

    25. A minimalist split futon that your overnight guests will be happy to crash on. It's compact and versatile, making it perfect for smaller apartments, and the padding under the tapered legs will protect your floors (and help you get you your security deposit back). The split-back design makes it a comfortable seat and bed, and the sturdy wood frame will keep it fresh for ages.

    Blue and brown futon in apartment

    26. A Drew Barrymore Flower Home retro brass table lamp to make your home look like you spend your weekends uncovering hidden gems at estate sales, instead of watching Netflix in your yoga pants. The clear on/off chord will blend right into the decor of whatever room you put the lamp in, and the antique brass makes it a perfect piece to mix and match with. It comes with a light bulb to make your life extra easier.

    Brass funky-shaped lamp on table

    27. A white garment rack because seeing all your stylish clothes will make choosing an outfit easier (at least, we can hope). The wood and metal mix are visually appealing and durable. Holding 44 pounds of hanging clothes, this will organize all your coats, pants, and shoes.

    Garment rack with clothes on it

    28. A vintage-inspired palm-print quilt set that'll make your bedroom feel like a 1960s beach vacation. The printed cotton and cotton filling are super comfy and sure to keep you warm in the winter but still breathe in the summer. With two matching pillowcases, this set will make you look put together, even if you forgot to brush your teeth and have 3,000 unread work emails.

    29. A leaning bookshelf to show off all the books you haven't read yet and, frankly, may never get around to. But hey, they look cute nonetheless. The solid-wood legs make it a long-lasting piece you'll never get bored of. And the rustic look is a neutral base for all of your design ideas.

    the ladder shelves

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