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    If You’ve Been Living In The Same Place Forever, These 31 Target Products Will Help You Hit The Refresh Button

    Turns out you don't need to move, you just need some rattan home accessories.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A rattan basket to finally tie together your living room, by stylishly hiding all the random things that are normally on your coffee table.

    Round, rattan basket.

    Promising review: "Love it. Perfect size for my indoor plants! I bought three of these! Great quality and look." — Rachel

    Price: $25

    2. A shaggy area rug that'll give your space some *visual interest* (or whatever home decor YouTubers say.)

    Black and grey rug on floor

    Promising review: "Absolutely beautiful!! Great material and fits perfectly in our living room." — S.O.

    Price: $144.54

    3. A macrame wallhanging to give your space some warmth. (And make you look like someone with "hobbies.")

    Wall-hanging on orange wall.

    Promising review: "A really beautiful piece and great value." — Suzy

    Price: $30.00

    4. A six-wick, terra-cotta candle that smells like a tropical oasis, because this will trick your senses into thinking you're on vacation every time you come back home.

    Six-wick candle on counter

    Promising review: "Smells amazing! The terra-cotta container looks lovely." — JessFromMaine

    Price: $25

    5. A woven, oversized throw pillow, so your bed looks like a boutique inn you saw on Instagram, and not the place you keep your workbag, old plates, and your overheated laptop.

    Red and white body pillow

    Promising review: "I had no idea I needed this until I put it on my bed and realized I absolutely need this. The sides are a velvet mustard yellow. The stripe is white and terracotta with a hint of blush." —JennaAndHerDog

    Price: $30

    6. A roll of Mediterranean-style peel-and-stick tile wallpaper, because who doesn't want to feel like the rich girl you went to high school with that now just travels throughout Europe?

    Blue and white bathroom wallpaper

    Promising review: "Great product. Beautiful bold design. Easy to apply, just takes some time to line up the design. Covers a good amount of space too." — Sarah 

    Price: $33.99

    7. A minimalist rainbow neon wall light to lighten the mood and brighten your room.

    Rainbow wall light

    Promising review: "Super bright! Love the colors." — Kaylee

    Price: $40.00 

    8. A cutout ceramic color-changing oil diffuser that'll turn your house into a calming spa.

    White oil diffuser

    Promising review: "I love this diffuser! It has a huge water basin allowing it to run for 12+ hours and is absolutely stunning!" — LilyG

    Price: $28.00

    9. A faux cowhide rug to elevate your space and make your home look effortlessly cool.

    Black and white rug on floor

    Promising review: "Good quality, beautiful colors, my room looks gorgeous. Is the perfect size for my area." — CM

    Price: $130.70

    10. A set of sheer orange curtains that'll brighten up your space with natural light and a pop of color.

    Orange curtain in boho house

    Promising review: "Love these curtains! I was looking for new curtains to add some character to my room but not with too much of a deep color and these are the perfect fit. Just the right amount of sheer and they look lovely in the natural light." — Suri

    Price: $29.00

    11. A roll of peacock window film to make your spot look like a beautiful Victorian house (even if it's an overpriced box-like apartment).

    the peacock-patterned window film decorating two narrow corner windows

    Promising review: "Very pretty design, and fairly easy to install." — Suzie 

    Price: $15.79 

    12. A Himalayan salt lamp so your apartment will always feel like you went to yoga class, even if you just went for fro-yo.

    Pink salt lamp

    Promising review: "Can’t beat the price, and we’ve had no issues. It’s the perfect soft glow for middle-of-the-night diaper changes!" — Holly

    Price: $20.00 

    13. A big woven basket to hold houseplants, laundry, blankets, or anything else you want to hide before your Hinge date comes over.

    Brown basket in room

    Promising review: "I love everything about my new woven basket. I love the design and tightness of the craftsmanship." — Qubilah

    Price: $20

    14. A set of peel-and-stick floor tiles so you'll feel like you're staying in a fancy hotel when you go pee in the middle of the night.

    white and black bathroom

    Promising review: "Beautiful look even better in person. Looks expensive and the patterns are gorgeous." —Tajj 

    Price: $27.99 

    15. A cashmere-blend duvet cover to make you feel like a wellness lifestyle influencer, without the toxin cleanse or bee pollen.

    Red duvet cover

    Promising review: "Really impressed with this duvet! Ordered online and washed right away. It’s insanely soft and light. Feels super expensive for such a great price." —IMHO

    Price: $99

    16. A magnetic letterboard and chalkboard so your home office can stay organized and aesthetic.

    Orange letterboard

    Promising review: "This board is super cute-at first I thought the foam magnet letters would look cheap but once they are on the board they look great!" — Ana 

    Price: $15

    17. A fruit-themed shower curtain to make you feel like you're at a very trendy spa when you're washing your hair for the first time all week.

    Orange and green shower curtain

    Promising review: "Colors are vibrant and the fabric is good quality for the price. Super cute." — Lory 

    Price: $10

    18. A sheet of 3D peel-and-stick backsplash tiles so your kitchen looks like a Food Network show, even if you get Postmates for all your meals.

    Pink tiles on a kitchen.

    Promising review: "It is incredible. It looks like real ceramic tiles. It is super easy to install." — KT W 


    19. A blue terra-cotta vase for creating a sleek centerpiece to your mantel, coffee table, or desk under your lofted bed because your apartment is the size of a closet.

    Blue vase on mantel

    Promising review: "Love the color! It's sturdy and had a great rustic feel." — CMARTIN

    Price: $25

    20. A roll of removable peel-and-stick wallpaper so you can easily transform your walls when your landlord doesn't let you paint.

    Black and white wallpaper

    Promising review: "Very easy to put up. The pattern is easy to work with unlike others Makes my pantry look fun." — NinaK

    Price: $34.00

    21. A 12-piece set of iridescent silverware to take your place settings into the future, so you can call all your meals "fusion."

    Set of colorful silverware

    Promising review: "This cutlery is very pretty. Does well in the dishwasher." — Shaaliyah 

    Price: $20

    22. An organizational pegboard that'll make important things easy to reach, and keep desks and tables clear.

    Wood and metal pegboard

    Promising review: "This was a perfect and affordable solution to add to our Peloton corner. It was easy to set up. I love it!" — Jasmine

    Price: $30

    23. A ceramic incense stand to bring good vibes (and good smells) to any space.

    Red incense holder

    Promising review: "Love it! One of the best incense holders. Mess-free and very cute." — Sandra

    Price: $5

    24. A rattan end table that'll bring your attention to your candles, succulents, and coffee table books you've never opened, and away from online shopping packages and takeout menus.

    Rattan end table

    Promising review: "Perfect rattan side table. Well-made." — Laura 

    Price: $80

    25. A metal and marble box with gemstones for upgrading your dresser and looking super chic when you post your morning routine on TikTok.

    White and colorful gems, in a small box.

    Promising review: "Bigger than expected and very nice, would go in any room, and most decor." — Kathleen

    Price: $30

    26. A round woven rug so your home looks like it went on a ten-day meditation retreat.

    Natural woven rug.

    Promising review: "Adds just the right accent to my she shed office!" — Emcallahan

    Price: $28.99

    27. A can of chalkboard paint for turning any wall into a functioning chalkboard that you can make groceries lists on, (or just write your Wi-Fi password that you always forget).

    A kitchen with a chalkboard on it

    Promising review: "This paint does its job well. I love how easy this is to use. Two coats provide great coverage. Dries quicker than I thought it would too." — Phoebe 

    Price: $4.27 

    28. A line of rattan wall hooks to bring some color to your walls and let you hang your favorite accessories with ease.

    Three hooks in boho bedroom

    Promising review: "Love! I'm using these in my bathroom as towel hooks. They're beautiful!" — Washley85 

    Price: $25

    29. A rattan and cotton cord mirror so your mirror selfies will look amazing, even when you're in your sweats.

    Tan and blue circle mirror

    Promising review: "This mirror has the perfect boho vibe I was going for. Love the teal/green accents and sunburst design. It's well made but light so it's easy to hang. Love it!" — Hoosiermama

    Price: $70

    30. A round mosaic vase to hold flowers, eucalyptus, and all your hopes and dreams for the future.

    Pink and red vase

    Promising review: "Love this piece! So unique and fun. The size was actually a bit larger than we were thinking but happy it was!" — Target Customer

    Price: $40

    31. A set of shapes and lines framed wall art to make your living room look like a trendy art gallery, minus the pretentious hipster guy judging you.

    Two colorful paintings

    Promising review: "These pieces were high quality and pull tons of compliments for visitors. The frames are clean and modern and fit a multitude of decor. I really am happy with this purchase." — bkrish

    Price: $50

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