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Just 23 Water Bottles To Keep You Hydrated

Plastic water bottles? Never heard of her.

1. A futuristic water bottle that syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth to track your hydration progress. It even glows to alert you when it's time to take another sip!

2. An Embrava sports bottle featuring a handy carrying strap and a frost-coated design so it always feels like you're drinking from your favorite chilled glass.

Reviewer photo of the reviewer holding the Embrava water bottle comfortably with one hand.

3. A Hydro Cell stainless-steel bottle that'll keep your cold drinks cold (for up to 24 hours) and your hot drinks hot (for up to 8 hours). It also comes with two different lids: a vacuum-sealed screw cap AND a sports cap with a straw.

Reviewer photo of Hydro Cell white stainless steel bottle with stainless steel screw cap

4. A BuildLife motivational water bottle to ensure you are getting enough H2O throughout the day. If you are in denial or at a loss when it comes to not drinking enough water, this bottle is the one for you.

Reviewer photo of BuildLife motivational water bottle in purple, featuring time markers from 7am-9pm so you always know how much more water you have left to drink in the day and can easily pace yourself

5. A Hydro Flask that's just as pretty as it is practical. Whether you're filling it with your morning coffee, afternoon iced tea, or just plain 'ol water, this bottle will keep your liquids at your preferred temperature all day long.

Reviewer photo of HydroFlask bottle in blue

6. A copper water bottle inspired by the Ayurvedic practice of storing water in copper bottles, as the copper is believed to help neutralize toxins and balance pH levels. It also might just be the prettiest water bottle ever made.

Product photo of Anthropologie Tamra Ayurvedic copper water bottles.

7. An OMORC fruit infuser bottle to instantly add some fresh flavor to your water each morning. Drinking water all day can get boring, so switch things up by adding your favorite fruits (or cucumber if you're feeling fancy).

8. A YETI Rambler featuring double-wall vacuum insulation to keep your drinks refreshingly cold or pleasingly warm for as long as your heart desires. Its 10-oz size makes it ultra transportable, as well as a great dual-purpose cup for when you've finished your water for the day and need to move on to a different kind of cold beverage.

Product photo showing YETI rambler in person's hand. It's about the size of a coffee cup and can easily be held with one hand.

9. A CamelBak Eddy designed to always have your ~bak~. Conveniently spill-and-leak proof, this bottle is also BPA-free, dishwasher-safe and features the famous bite-valve straw that CamelBak customers swear by.

Product photo showing the CamelBak Eddy water bottle in clear with the bite-valve straw popped-up.

10. A S'well stainless-steel bottle in a chic color or pattern because, let's be real, your water bottle says a lot about you, and having an aesthetic water bottle is a requirement for some people. These bottles feature triple-insulation and are perfectly sized for backpacks, cup-holders and everywhere in between.

Reviewer photo of S'well stainless steel bottle with twist top in opal marble

11. A motivational water bottle designed for the person who needs to drink more water but needs some tough love throughout the day to actually do that.

Fuzzy Loon Designs on Etsy motivational water bottle that reads "Suck it up, buttercup... and drink your effing water."

12. A Contigo stainless-steel water bottle that truly does it all: it's vacuum-insulated, has a convenient pop-up straw with a lid to keep out gross germs and dust, and is 100% dishwasher-safe. What more could you ask of your water bottle?

13. A set of Contigo Kids water bottles so the whole family can kiss disposable bottles goodbye forever. These are equipped with auto-seal technology that make them both leak-and-spill proof — yes, there is a difference — perfect for teaching your little tykes the importance of drinking enough water throughout the day.

Reviewer photo of Contigo Kids two-pack water bottles in pink and purple

14. A LifeStraw filter water bottle that removes 99.999% of bacteria and parasites so you can safely enjoy water from more natural sources like rivers or ponds on your next hiking trip.

15. A Tayeka Original water bottle that has a cult following like no other. This vacuum-insulated bottle has over 8,000 5-star reviews on Amazon and is spill proof, leak proof, BPA-free and won't sweat a drop.

16. A gorgeous water bottle from aptly named the "glitter bomb" — a dream come true for the rose gold-and-glitter obsessed person in your life (maybe that person just so happens to be you).

Product photo of the "glitter bomb" water bottle—a pink colored bottle covered with glitter.

17. A Nalgene loop-top water bottle because sometimes basic actually does mean better. And at this price, you'll have enough extra cash leftover to buy a bunch of stickers to cover it with and really make it your own.

18. A Nomader collapsible water bottle so you can stop paying $10 for disposable bottles. This bottle epitomizes durability and portability, which makes staying hydrated on-the-go easier (and more affordable) than ever.

19. An Ello glass tumbler because things somehow always seem to taste better in glass. If you've been looking for a more ~sophisticated~ way to sip your H20, I think you've found your answer.

Product photo showing the Ello glass tumbler in gray, teal, blue and coral colors.

20. A Thermos bottle with a rotating meter to keep track of how many times you've refilled your bottle each day. This allows you to set your own goals and is a quick but effective way to hold yourself accountable.

21. A customizable water bottle you can have printed with your name, a phrase, or anything else that'll keep you motivated to stay hydrated throughout the day. They also make great gifts, just sayin'!

Customizable water bottle from Love and Luxe Handmade on Etsy with custom text reading "Jennifer" printed vertically on the bottle

22. A classic Gatorade squeeze bottle to channel your inner NFL player.

Gatorade squeeze water bottle styled in a locker room

23. And, an insulated bottle by Simple Modern that feels waaaay more expensive than it actually is. Yes please!

reviewer photo showing the water bottle in blue and the packaging it came in

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