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    30 Valentine's Day Gifts From Walmart They'll Actually Love

    Kitchen tools, tech gadgets, comfy accessories...All for you (or someone you love). ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You can find Walmartโ€™s expected shipping time depending on the product on its landing page, and alsoย track your order. Most orders take 3+ days to ship, depending on your location.

    1. A Huggle hoodie blanket robe that'll feel *almost* as good as the warmth of your warm hug when you're not around.

    person wearing a gray huggle hoodie

    2. A hot air popcorn maker so you can have the ultimate movie theatre date from the comfort of your couch.

    red poplite popcorn maker

    3. A massage pillow because YOUR hands are sore from rubbing their shoulders every night.

    4. And/or a back and neck massager they can use to hit the angles that the pillow can't quite deliver on. This is great for the athletic partners with sore muscles, too!

    the massager in black

    5. A package of colorful Post-It Notes for a simple, sweet gift that will genuinely mean so much to them โ€” love notes! Leave them on the mirror in the bathroom, in their car, in the name it.

    packages of post-it notes in different vibrant colors

    6. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker they can use to blast the awful playlist you made them after your first date. Lol.

    Bose micro wireless bluetooth speaker

    7. A rose quartz facial roller because they take their skincare routine VERY seriously and need a spare roller to keep on hand for travel.

    rose quartz roller

    8. And! A skincare beauty fridge so they can keep their new roller and allllllll their prized products nice and icy. ๐Ÿฅถ

    the inside of the fridge filled with products

    9. A Magnolia Table cookbook that does double duty as a cute coffee table book for their living room and recipe book for delicious meals that, ahem, you'll most certainly get to enjoy the benefits of.

    The cookbook

    10. And a cast-iron skillet they can use to cook all those recipes in their new cookbook! Yummmmmm.

    cast iron skillet with a full chicken cooking in it

    11. A coffee maker because you are more of an "entire pot" kinda person, while your partner sticks with a single K-Cup. Luckily, this thing can do both โ€” while taking up minimal counter space.

    black keurig coffee machine with a pot on one side and a mug on the other

    12. An electric wine opener to pop open that bottle of vino faster than you can say "THE CORK IS STUCK!"

    13. A candle equipped with a wood wick that mimics the sound of a crackling fire โ€” talk about AMBIENCE! The scents are also absolutely delish.

    pink coastal sunset woodwick candle

    14. A charcuterie board so you and your valentine can work on your ART-cuterie skills together. CUTE!

    wooden cheese board loaded with cheese and fruit

    15. A package of Maldon sea salt flakes because there's nothing wrong with giving your SWEETheart some SALT to balance things out? This stuff is the ultimate fancy garnish for avo toast, grilled meat, and even caramels!

    package of maldon sea salt flakes

    16. A hot air brush so they can dry and style simultaneously โ€” there's nothing better than getting ready for date night in warp speed!

    person using a purple hot air brush to style hair

    17. A Fujifilm Instax Mini 7+ camera so they can capture all of your cute moments and memories together.

    pink fujifilm instax instant camera

    18. A Drop Stop car seat gap filler because they're always dropping their phone down in that deep, dark abyss and you are the one tasked with retrieving it.

    person installing a car seat gap filler on top and the gap filler catching a phone, earring, french fry, and coins on the bottom

    19. A genius brownie pan that'll give them 12 brownies, EACH with four of those glorious, crispy edges that you're always fighting over.

    20. A terry pajama set that'll keep them comfy and cozy night after night. Plus, who doesn't love a matching set?!

    the pajamas in lavendar

    21. And a pair of slippers to ~pair~ with their new jammies. We love cozy chic, they'll love cozy chic โ€” everybody wins!!

    the slippers in white with white fur

    22. A microplush blanket that's irresistibly soft and perfect for around-the-clock cuddling. It's ~so~ cozy that they'll be thanking you every time they use it.

    model holding the blanket in brown

    23. A set of three artificial glass-bulb succulents so they can enjoy the ~aesthetic~ of having plants in their space *without* the whole responsibility thing of needing to actually keep them alive. Cute!

    the three succulents

    24. A fancy waffle maker that'll let you bring the magic of Waffle House right to the comfort of your own kitchen and have cute breakfast-in-bed dates!!

    the waffle maker

    25. A set of six towels so their bathroom can feel like the plush, luxurious spa they deserve to be treating themselves to daily.

    the towel set in white

    26. A box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, because, well โ€” they're freakin' delicious! What's better than rewatching your fav show and digging into a box of these?? YUM.

    the chocolate

    27. A Lodge 5.5 Dutch oven that 1. will look so chic and "grown up" on their stove top and 2. can be used to make everything from soups to roasts and everything in between.

    the dutch oven in red

    28. A portable charging box for the partner who's always asking "Can I borrow your charger?" Now they'll never be able to use "my phone was dead" as an excuse when you ask them to pick up YOUR fave takeout instead of theirs.

    the phone charger with a phone on it

    29. An adorable necklace to show them that your love is ~infinite~ and solid as stone. (OK, a little cheesy, I get it. BUT, so, so sweet!!)

    the necklace

    30. Lastly, a handwritten card so you can craft a meaningful, thoughtful note to gift along with all the presents you bought them from this post. โค๏ธ

    the card

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