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    34 Things Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

    Bubbles for dogs, hot chocolate bombs, a tiny baking set, and other popular items from BuzzFeed Shopping posts.

    1. A dancing Elaine poster you can customize in various sizes and background colors — aka the perfect gift for the Seinfeld lover in your life (and it's okay if that's YOU).

    Elaine from Seinfeld dancing poster

    2. A set of Iota — a really big game in a really teeny-weeny tin. Stocking stuffer idea, anyone?

    small tin that says iota

    3. The Adventure Challenge: Family Edition, an adventure book just waiting for you and your loved ones to scratch off the next mission to experience together. And after you've completed the activity, there's a space for you to commemorate it with a small blurb and photograph. Memories in the making!

    blue book with the words "the adventure challenge family edition" on it

    4. A Zero-shaped lamp, because The Nightmare Before Christmas is a cultural icon that deserves to be acknowledged year round. Plus, how adorable is Zero??

    a glowing, lit-up zero lamp

    5. And a Nightmare Before Christmas mini cross-stitch kit you can relaxingly work on under the glow of your new Zero light.

    the cross stitch set

    6. A self love decal you can stick on your mirror to give you the hype and confidence you need every day from the most important person in your life: YOU!

    reviewer taking a selfie in their mirror with the "you look amazing" decal

    7. A hot chocolate bomb — yup, you read that right. Just like the bath bombs you love, now in edible, hot cocoa form for the kiddos in your life.

    8. A set of character sheet masks guaranteed to take your spa night to all-new, incredibly humorous levels. Aside from being silly and fun, the face masks *actually* hydrate your skin and will give you a nice glowwww.

    reviewers wearing the animal face masks

    9. A refined leather electronics organizer you can have engraved with a name, making it an excellent gift for anyone on your list this year. It can fit everything from USB cables to headphones and power adapters, and is so much more tidy than just throwing all those cords in the bottom of a bag.

    Five of the closed organizers in different colors surrounding an open red organizer that's holding various electronic accessories

    10. A Melissa & Doug magnetic calendar designed to teach your little one the concepts of a calendar and weather in a fun, interactive way that they'll look forward to updating every morning.

    The magnetic daily calendar

    11. A seed packet you can use as favors at your wedding, OR just give to anyone in your life who you want to "let love grow" with.

    the customized seed packet

    12. The cutest, most adorable tiny baking set — because apparently our readers LOVE tiny things!? But in all seriousness, making mini baked goods sounds low-key so fun...

    13. An interactive Purse Pet that not only holds all the necessities, but also BLINKS and can make 25 different sounds and reactions. Talk about a purse with personality!

    the leopard purse pet with eyes open

    14. An Elf Snowball Showdown card game because you can't stop screaming, "Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?" Okay, maybe that's the child in your life — either way, this game is fun for the whole fam.

    cards with festive designs

    15. An air freshener inspired by none other than Mr. Harry Styles. It smells so good, it might just get you watermelon sugar high! 🍉

    Harry Styles car air freshener

    16. A National Geographic geodes kit because, uhh, what child doesn't want to smash open rocks with a hammer? Actually, what adult wouldn't want to do that?? Sounds like a stress reliever to me!

    17. A Tamagotchi Pix that um, hello, has a camera?? This is the Tamagotchi we all know and love but packed with SO much more. You can even connect to other devices and exchange gifts with other characters!

    a review photo of the tamagotchi pix in pink

    18. A Lego movie activity kit so they can dip their toes into the art of stop-motion filmmaking. Looks like you have a future director on your hands!

    19. A copy of Wreck This Journal for anyone looking for a new pastime now that we are almost at the two year marker of this pandemic. It seems like we've tried allllllll the hobbies at this point.

    20. An updated Lite-Brite set so you can feel nostalgic while you create beautiful, light-up works of art with them.

    Split image of two child models playing with Lite Brite, one with lights on and one with lights off

    21. A Schitt's Creek-themed tea towel guaranteed to bring some much-needed humor to the stress in your kitchen while you're cooking during the holidays.

    Schitt's Creek themed towels

    22. A six-pack of sprout bookmarks that perfectly combine two of the most important things in your life: books and plants.

    books with a bookmark that looks like a leaf

    23. A 2022 Jeopardy Calendar so you can feel like you're playing the iconic game every morning when you wake up with a new trivia question to rattle your mind.

    The Jeopardy! 2022 Day-to-Day Calendar

    24. An unofficial Disney Parks drink recipe book filled with all kinds of ~magical~ mixes for cocktails, coffee, and more.

    A customer review photo of the Unofficial Disney Parks Drink Recipe Book

    25. A silicone dachshund ice try because, I mean, why would you ever use regular ice cubes again now that you know these exist?

    Reviewer showing the tray with a daschund-shaped ice cube

    26. An Oreo-shaped pill container so that you can pretend your pills taste like the delicious cream-filled cookies every time you go to take them.

    An Oreo-shaped container with pills inside

    27. A 50-pack of The Office stickers you can divvy up and send in your greeting cards to your friends this holiday season.

    various picture stickers from The Office TV show

    28. A compilation of The New York Times crossword puzzles that range in toughness (Mondays are easiest and get progressively harder through Friday) so you can always tackle a puzzle depending on how challenged you want to be on any given day.

    the book cover

    29. A pack of Crayola Globbles designed to be thrown around the house and stick to walls. Yes, you read that right. And, no, they won't leave a sticky residue — reviewers have confirmed.

    30. A Stomp Rocket launcher that can shoot 200 feet into the air just by stomping. Definitely an outside toy, but definitely going to make them the coolest kid on the block. Elon Musk, who?

    The stomp rocket launcher

    31. An authentic Japanese barbecue sauce made *without* any additives or preservatives because you're bored AF with the condiments you use over and over again. Time to change things up!

    The sauce next to a dish of food

    32. A tube of Jack Black intense therapy balm because winter and all of its glorious dryness is HERE in full force.

    33. A Paula's Choice 2% BHA liquid exfoliant, a GODSEND for eliminating all those pesky blackheads and any unwanted acne you can't seem to defeat.

    34. A pack of Edible bubbles that, wait for it, are for your DOG. They are flavored like cotton candy, apple pie, or watermelon so your pooch can enjoy the bubble bath of their dreams — and you won't have to worry if they accidentally take a lick.

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