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    33 Things Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

    A cult-favorite lip mask, an egg bite maker, a toothpaste dispenser, and more popular products from BuzzFeed Shopping posts.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A drain snake that's designed to go where no living human should ever have to dare: deep inside your shower drain. There's no telling WHAT lives down there — but nevertheless, this snake will eat it all up, so you can get back to taking showers without having to stand in several inches of water.

    reviewer showing the drain snake covered in hair and grime

    2. A cult-favorite Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask because it's guaranteed to have you waking up with the plumpest, juiciest lips you ever could've imagined. Psssst, a lot of people use it as their daily lip balm/gloss, too!! 👄

    a model applying the pink jar of the original berry scent with the a small applicator

    3. A pair of wireless earbuds that are actually *affordable* without compromising sound quality (plus, they're even waterproof!). And at this price, you can probably even snag an emergency back-up pair to keep on hand in case you lose them.

    reviewer photo showing the headphones in white

    4. A deep tissue massage gun to give you some sweet relief when cramps, knots, or tension strikes. Better yet, it's super quiet and comes with a handy storage bag that's great for travel — so, wherever you go, you never have to be without it.

    5. An octopus-shaped pore scrub stick that's designed to help remove excess sebum from your pores by exfoliating all your blackheads away.

    6. A bottle of Olaplex No. 3 hair repair treatment because it's a godsend for your hair after you color, straighten, or receive any kind of drastic treatment — it helps restore follicles from within and refortify structure. All the before-and-after review photos speak for themselves!

    reviewer showing their hair before and after using olaplex

    7. A jug of Wet & Forget Shower Cleaner that'll work to remove all the mysterious buildup on the floor and walls of your shower. Best of all, no scrubbing required! You can literally spray it, forget about it, and the grime will begin to erode and disappear down your drain without you lifting a finger.

    8. A Waterpik water flosser because tearing off a piece of floss and manually threading it through your teeth is a lot of work, especially after a long day of [gestures in all directions]. This is a low-effort way to keep your teeth in tip-top shape (and your dentist from getting mad at you!).

    9. A squeezable gel grout whitener that you can use in all the tight spaces in your home that may need a refresh (think caulking, tile grout, and anyplace else where mildew and mold has snuck in). Genius!

    10. An all-purpose car upholstery cleaner to finally restore your seats from all those iced-coffee spills that've happened over the years.

    A before pic of a stained, grimy cloth car interior and and after pic of it without stains on it anymore

    11. An egg bite maker that'll help you kick your daily Starbucks breakfast habit (and help you save a little money!) by making them at home. Not only can you customize them with your favorite veggies, meats, and seasonings, BUT you can also remove the silicone tray and use this as a good ole griddle when you want to make omelettes or pancakes.

    nine round egg bites cooked in a small grill

    12. NYX's Pore Filler Targeted Stick because it's formulated to help blur fine lines and pores, smoothing your complexion right before your eyes. Sounds like total MAGIC to me!

    a reviewer with the pore filler on half their face showing how it blurs large pores

    13. A reusable, sealable Stasher bag (or several) that'll help you wave goodbye to single-use plastic bags once and for all. They're even dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning and reusing them a breeze.

    sandwich in clear stasher bag and sliced apples in snack-size green stasher bag

    14. An over-the-door hook rack because your coats, jackets, hats, mittens, and scarves are about to come out of hiding for the season, and you NEED a way to keep them all organized and off the floor. This should do the trick.

    hook rack hanging on back of a door

    15. A tiled monogram mug that I'm thinking should be your go-to gift for all your besties this year?? These are so cute and personal without being cheesy. You could even fill them with their fav snacks and candy!!

    black and white tiled monogram mugs with "A", B", and "C" on them

    16. A four-piece variety pack of Mario Badescu mini facial sprays, because your face needs a different refresh for every different scenario — think lavender before bedtime and green tea first thing in the morning!

    package of four sprays

    17. A TikTok-famous, machine-washable microfiber spin mop that represents what I would call true *MOP MAGIC*. With a hands-free wringer, splash guard, and millions of microfiber strands that can cut through dirt *without* harsh chemicals, I'm not sure what else you could ask of a mop. This thing is the GOAT of cleaning the house.

    18. A bottle of COSRX Snail Mucin Essence to enhance your skin's natural glow. Don't let the sticky and slimy texture put you off, as it can seriously help with everything from repairing environmental damage to reducing acne and moisturizing dry patches.

    reviewer showing their skin before and greatly improved after using the snail mucin

    19. An automatic food dispenser that conveniently replenishes your fur baby's bowl at pre-set times every day — so you never have to worry about forgetting to feed them or accidentally overfeeding them. Reviewers also note that it's impressively quiet!

    20. A pack of 18 vibrantly colorful fine-tip drawing pens because your WFH planner and notebook are sacred pages that deserve to be written on with the finest quality writing instruments.

    21. A pack of Command cord bundlers to help make your spaces extra neat and tidy. They work great with appliances big and small, and can hold up to two pounds(!!).

    reviewer showing the cord bundler attached to the back of a small appliance

    22. A stuffed waffle maker because you've been looking for a hobby this fall, and "eating waffles stuffed with Nutella every day" is definitely going to be it. Fill Belgian waffles with anything you like, from fruit to chocolate — the possibilities are basically endless (and delicious!).

    23. A Hoover Pro Pet vacuum that's designed to instantly suck up stubborn pet hair, dirt, and grime in the blink of an eye. Clearly, it works so well, even your pets will want to use it!! :)

    reviewer's dog holding the vacuum in their mouth

    24. A handy heat-resistant silicone utensil rest to help keep your kitchen clean while you're dripping waffle batter all over the place.

    25. A Himalayan salt sunrise alarm clock that'll gently wake you from your slumber in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible. I'm obsessed with this.

    26. Burn After Writing a guided journal designed to help you get away from your screens for a bit and reflect on your feelings. Sounds therapeutic (and much needed), if you ask me!!

    A reviewer holding a copy of the journal with celestial patterns on it

    27. A sheet set with an impressive 1,800 thread count that reviewers swear is a STEAL for the price. Affordable, breathable, crisp — what more could you possibly ask for!?

    stock photo showing the sheet set in baby blue

    28. A set of plastic knives so your little ones can help you in the kitchen, worry free!! You have a budding chef on your hands, so you might as well nurture their culinary instincts (safely, of course). These knives can cut baked goods or fruits and veggies, but *not* skin.

    29. An OXO under-appliance duster that's specifically designed with an extra-long arm, so you finally can get to all those dust bunnies and lost items living under your large appliances and furniture. You might be surprised by what you'll find!!

    reviewers red duster next to mound of stuff found under the oven

    30. A do-it-all toothbrush holder and dispenser to save you some counter space and help you make sense of all your teeth-cleaning products. FWIW, TikTok is constantly raving about this.

    the white wall mounted toothbrush holder

    31. A magnetic work band that'll help you keep track of all those little nuts and bolts you need to assemble your latest impulse buy from Ikea. Stick nails, screws, washers, even small tools to this band, and never misplace them again!

    32. A breezy shirtdress to keep in the back of your closet for all those warm-weather vacations you've got planned for this winter.

    33. And a maxi swimsuit cover up that'll also be coming with you on those sunny vacations. Talk about easy, breezy, beautiful!!!!

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