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    20 Things From Target That'll Put An End To Living With Small (But Annoying) Problems

    We love simple solutions.

    1. An insulated stainless-steel tumbler designed to keep your drinks cold (ICE cold!) for — you're gonna want to sit down — up to 30 hours. Yep, you read that right. No more lukewarm drinks for you, even if you get distracted and forget about them until 3 p.m.

    a photo of the insulated tumbler in the color periwinkle

    2. A sherpa bed rest pillow so you can finally work from bed without any back or neck pain, once and for all. This'll keep you nice and cozy *while* keeping your posture honest. We love!

    A grey sherpa bed rest pillow

    3. A clear stackable organizer tray to finally bring some order to the chaos that is your bathroom counter. Skincare, nail polish, toothpaste... you name it, this'll help organize it.

    An organizing tray

    4. A Casper memory foam pillow that'll have you drifting off into a sweet, sweet slumber in no time. It may even help prevent neck and back pain!

    5. A six-piece Mr. Clean Magic Eraser variety pack because, unfortunately, a lil' scrubbing is actually necessary from time to time. At least with these, you'll get the best possible results for each unit of effort exerted — which is more than any other cleaning tool out there.

    6. A silverware organizer tray so you can wave goodbye to loose forks and spoons rattling around in your kitchen drawer. It'll also save ya some time now that you don't have to go digging through a pile of spatulas and corkscrews, looking for the last clean spoon to finish off that pint of ice cream you've been working at.

    A silverware organizer tray

    7. A coiled rope basket to store whatever you'd to get off the floor, like in a cute and functional way. Think kid toys, dog toys, blankets, towels... the options are endless.

    A white coiled rope storage basket with towels in it

    8. A Bissell Little Green deep cleaner that'll leave you nothing short of *shocked* when it magically restores your furniture and rugs right before your eyes. Pet parents, this is a MUST for you!!

    A model using the cleaning tool on her area rug

    9. A rice cooker equipped with a built-in steaming tray — which means you can cook up to 6 cups of rice *while also* being able to simultaneously steam dumplings, veggies, tofu, and so on. Essentially, you can make a whole meal with just one appliance. It's as easy as using a microwave, but you can make way more kinds of meals!

    A rice cooker with tray for steaming food, showing dumplings as an example

    10. A bottle of the cult-favorite Bio-Oil formulated with vitamins A and E to hydrate your skin while working to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

    a person applying the oil to their leg

    11. A shelf floor lamp to solve two problems in one: it will give your space more ambient lighting AND serve as a side table to place your coffee, books, trinkets, and other things that currently don't have a dedicated space besides "all over the floor."

    a floor lamp with a white cube lampshade and two black metal shelves

    12. A container lid organizer because we have all wasted too much time in our lives trying to find a matching lid. Lucky for you, this genius organizer keeps them all in one place for ya!

    13. A stylish commuter backpack equipped with a padded laptop sleeve, cushioned shoulder straps, a water bottle holder AND a heavy-duty handle. Now you can truly pack it all on your commutes *without* sacrificing style!

    14. A boot tray that'll conveniently hold up to four pairs of adult-sized shoes — protecting your floors from wet snow, mud, salt, and any other grime that comes with wintertime.

    The boot tray

    15. A stackable bamboo shelf you can use everywhere from your kitchen to your bathroom to maximize your storage space. The best part is that it also LOOKS nice, so you can 100% use it on your countertop or in other "visible" areas of your home.

    16. A fabric defuzzer so you can shave off all the pilling on your fav cashmere sweaters, sofa, and winter coats, restoring them to their former glory. You better make a before-and-after TikTok!!!

    the conair defuzzer being used on a sweater

    17. A cute polka-dot woven hamper that you can use to hide all of your dirty clothes and towels *discreetly* while also adding some aesthetic value to your bedroom or bathroom.

    A woven hamper with al lid

    18. A double-sided rolling shoe rack because there are few things we take as seriously as our shoe collections and they deserve to be stored in the most respectful manner possible. Not only will this help maximize space in your entryway or closet, BUT it'll also help you see all of your collection, so you'll never again have a pair stuck waaaaay in the back of your closet that you totally forget about.

    the shoe rack

    19. A tri-level tower shower caddy because you have too many bath products trying to exist in one habitat (and not nearly enough shelf space). This utilizes the empty corner space in your shower and gives you three whole shelves to work with!

    A tower shower caddy in a shower

    20. An indoor/outdoor motion-activated light because the days are getting shorter and you don't want to hurt yourself trying to navigate the darkness of your front walkway during your 7 a.m. commute.

    A motion activated light on a front door

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