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    25 Pieces Of Menswear From Amazon That Reviewers Say They Love

    Including summer styles, year-round favorites, and everything in between.

    1. A tropical button down that's sure to ~have your back~ from the beach to the pool to the bar and back again.

    2. A lightweight rain jacket, because spring and summer thunderstorms are no joke — especially now that you're commuting to the office again.

    3. Or a thicker Carhartt rain jacket if you realllllllly need to keep dry during those spring showers.

    reviewer wearing Carhartt rain jacket in black

    4. A cotton linen top that'll not only earn ya some style points, but is ALSO light and breathable so you won't have to worry about it sticking to your back sweat.

    5. A simple Henley shirt that you can use as the foundation of your spring layering strategy. Snag a couple of these in the short sleeve version, too, for when it's realllllllly hot out. The button detail at the neck makes it a nice step up from just a boring tee.

    reviewer wearing the henley in black with a pair of khaki shorts

    6. A pair of drawstring shorts that'll give ya the comfort of gym shorts while still looking like you put in some effort.

    7. A pair of linen pants that are cool, casual, and incredibly lightweight. As someone who owns several pairs and hates being *too* hot, I hereby declare these THEE pant of the summer!

    8. A short-sleeve button down so good, even your doggo will give ya some love for it.

    reviewer wearing the short sleeve button down with a dog next to them

    9. A pair of athletic-fit chinos if you've always struggled to find a pant that'll comfortably fit your thighs while still looking clean and tailored. And at this price, you can get a pair for every day of the week.

    reviewer wearing Amazon essential chinos in pine green

    10. An athletic shirt you can wear everywhere from the gym (obviously) to Zoom calls on scorching hot days in your AC-less apartment.

    11. A classic zip-up hoodie you'll be reaching for day after day, season after season.

    a reviewer photo of a person wearing the hoodie in red

    12. A lightweight cardigan that's *almost* as fly as your grandpa's. Even Taylor Swift would agree that cardigans are the most slept-on menswear layer for spring!!

    13. A quarter-zip sweater that's made in a mid-weight cotton blend that'll keep you warm on chilly spring days *without* overheating (at least until summer really kicks in). Otherwise, you'll be pulling this out again in the fall in no time!!

    14. A fleece crewneck sweatshirt that's so soft and comfy, the people in your house will probs start stealing it when you're not around.

    15. A full-zip fleece vest that somehow perfectly represents the undecided, unpredictable months of March through June.

    16. A lightweight bomber jacket to easily polish off any of your looks — everything from a button down and chinos, to sweatpants and sneakers.

    17. A packable puffer jacket that you can fold into a little carrying bag, which makes dressing for the weather easier than ever — no matter how drastically it fluctuates throughout the day.

    18. A Carhartt pocket T-shirt to round out the workwear-inspired wardrobe you've been curating over the past few months.

    19. A Levi's denim trucker jacket for those days when you wanna wear a graphic tee, but it's just a little too chilly out to bare your arms. Plus you can layer it up with a zip-up hoodie when you're feeling ~that look.~

    20. A mid-weight crewneck sweater that'll keep you warm and stylish on crisp spring mornings or chilly summer nights — minimal (or zero) effort required.

    21. A pair of relaxed-fit cargo pants that are loaded with extra pockets so you can always carry your essentials (and look fly while doing it).

    22. A lightweight windbreaker with removable sleeves that'll keep you warm, dry, AND visible on your morning run or bike ride.

    23. A corduroy button down that you can 100% wear as a light jacket during the warmer months (when it makes sense, of course). Let's normalize corduroy being worn outside of fall and winter!! Summer nights and mornings can be chilly!!

    24. A classic polo shirt that, at this price, you'll wanna grab in every color to wear for every occasion and every activity.

    reviewer wearing the striped polo shirt

    25. Lastly, a pair of Dickies work pants, the classic pair-with-anything trousers that are wrinkle and stain resistant — need I say more?

    Model wearing Dickie's original 874 work pant in brown

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