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    21 Gadgets From Target For Your Backyard You Probably Didn't Realize You Needed In Your Life Until Now

    From bug zappers to weed whackers—Inspector Gadget is quaking.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An outdoor torch to liven up your outdoor space and give it some much needed ~ambience~ at night. They're also a nice alternative to the traditional wooden torches that everyone else has!

    a pair of outdoor porches

    2. A USB-rechargeable portable bug zapper because your backyard is your relaxation space and you aren't here to play with these bugs. Sorry, bugs.

    model holding the racket-shaped fly swatter

    3. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker so that you can jam out in the pool worry-free. Who wants to have to listen to a speaker resting on a table 10 feet away, when you can have this one poolside — or even floating on its own raft?

    JBL mini square bluetooth speaker

    4. A fun spinning light sprinkler system that your kids are already begging you for. This battery-operated buddy features flashing lights and sprays water through wiggling tubes. If you are lucky enough to have some outdoor space at your home, then this is a summer must-have.

    Kids running around sprinkler

    5. A grill topper pan that allows you to cook seafood, veggies, and other things that are difficult to cook on a traditional grill. This pan will change that — and it should save you the headache of running back and forth to the kitchen during your next backyard dinner!

    Shrimp and clams cooking in pan on top of grill

    6. Or an inflatable play pool if you're really trying to impress your kids. I mean, a splash pool with a mini-slide and gator!? They'll love ya forever.

    7. A fairy string-light garland that you can put to work for you in all kinds of ways! Whether you put the lights into lanterns to line a walkway with or hang them from a canopy for some extra coziness, I guarantee you'll find a good use for these.

    8. An outdoor fire pit that's even outfitted with a cooking grill grate so you can enjoy the "campfire" without having to do the whole "camp" part. And I mean, how cute are those little celestial cutouts!?

    Round fire pit with moon and star shape slates on the side

    9. Or, a tabletop fireplace if you're only working with a smaller patio space. But don't worry, this thing will still get the job done! (Roasting marshmallows IS a job, I mean).

    the tabletop fire pit

    10. A power washer since you haven't cleaned things up back there in years, and keep trying to cover up all the grime with more furniture and decorations. Sorry, hunny, but that's not how this works — it's finally time to actually clean it.

    A black-and-yellow power washer with four wheels

    11. An indoor or outdoor lighted ceiling fan because you love being outside but refuse to sweat while you're chill-axing.

    A 4-seat dining set on a covered porch under a ceiling fan with a large, black shade

    12. And a patio heater that will also help you truly enjoy your backyard year-round. And IDK about you, but these always look super chic to me?? It's giving five-star downtown restaurant with patio seating and we are here for it!!!!

    13. A blow-up outdoor projection screen because who DOESN'T want to watch movies under the stars!? That's right, no one.

    inflatable blow up projector screen

    14. An outdoor waste bin, because you're always walking around with an overflowing (and possible leaky) trash bag, trying to clean up everyone's mess at your backyard BBQ. Try this instead — it's made from durable resin and is leakproof!

    Brown outdoor waste bid with hide away lid opened up

    15. And of course a portable projector, so you can watch your Netflix outside in the warm weather and in the basement, under a cozy blanket, in the cold weather. Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!

    movie projector

    16. A good ol' cordless weed whacker that's designed to help you manicure your lawn to its full potential by trimming things up around garden beds, sidewalks and other hard-to-reach places.

    model using the weed whacker in a garden

    17. An outdoor umbrella outfitted with LED lights, which means it'll shield you from the sun by day AND provide you with some soft lighting by night. We love a two for one.

    LED umbrella in red in a backyard

    18. A nifty frozen margarita maker that I promise is so much more than a regular blender! It's been specially designed to give you that perfect, smooth marg consistency that seems so hard to achieve at home. Your guests will love you for it, too!

    margarita machine next to two glasses with models enjoying in the background

    19. A Thermacell mosquito repeller that'll essentially create a 15-foot force field around you, so those pesky lil' blood suckers can't get anywhere near you.

    blue Thermacell mosquito repeller

    20. A Yummly Bluetooth thermometer because it connects with an app to give you the most accurate reading in town. No matter what kind of meat or fish you're cooking up, just give it a poke and you'll have an estimate of when it'll be finished in no time.

    yummly smart meat thermometer next to accompanying app on a cell phone

    21. An outdoor side table that serves double duty, with a cooler hidden down below. This is especially genius for cramming a lot of people into a small outdoor space!

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