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    27 Cool, Useful, Or Just Plain Clever Things To Keep At Your Desk

    Whether you're working from home or at the office, these'll make doing so all the more enjoyable.

    1. A set of Stabilo pens that'll have the pages of your bullet journal or planner looking nothing less than Pinterest-perfect.

    2. A reusable bamboo cutlery set to help you avoid unnecessary plastic consumption. They're easy to wash and even come with a cute carrying case you can roll up and tuck away after you're finished with lunch.

    bamboo cutlerly set

    3. A mini handheld fan you can bring with you to those extra long, 50-person meetings in the conference room that the AC is never working in...

    mini fan in blush pink

    4. OR! A two-speed desk fan that'll keep you blissfully cool throughout the day while you type away and do your little tasks — especially if your office gets overzealous with the heater in the winter. It's also suuuuuuuper quiet, which means you won't have to turn it off when you take a call or worry about it bothering your coworkers.

    reviewer photo showing the fan on their mantle

    5. And an ADORABLE mini heater for the days when the office decides to be an icebox instead. 🥶

    a reviewer photo of the purple heater on their desk

    6. A handheld garment steamer, because there's nothing worse than going to present in a meeting and realizing five minutes before that your shirt looks like you just unrolled it from a ball that was stuck at the bottom of your dirty clothes bin LOL. Even if that's the case, now you can run to the bathroom quickly and get it looking its best again. Phew!

    7. A pair of blue-light-blocking glasses to help prevent eye strain and headaches from staring at computer (and phone!) screens all darn day.

    8. And a roll-on aromatherapy stick made with therapeutic peppermint, spearmint, and lavender oils to provide relief for your migraines and tension headaches. 🙃

    9. An Ember smart mug that'll keep your coffee or tea at its preferred drinking temperature, because back to the office means getting pulled away for unexpected, tangential meetings while your warm coffee becomes colder than Antarctica on your desk.

    10. An anti-slip desk pad that'll add some much-needed color to your otherwise bleak cubicle. It can accommodate your laptop, mouse, and keyboard for full desk protection and even provides mouse traction.

    reviewer photo showing their laptop resting on the desk mat

    11. A ladybug desktop vacuum so you can easily and quickly suck up all the crumbs on your desk from the peanut brittle someone set out in the lunchroom.

    reviewer photo showing the vacuum next to a computer mouse

    12. A cactus humidifier that'll help soothe chapped lips, dry skin, and stuffy sinuses. It's also sure to bring a smile to your face after a rough meeting. :)

    cactus humidifier at work on someone's desk

    13. A gel-enhanced seat cushion since you're used to working from the comfort of your bed and are ready to make the transition to the rolling chair. Not only will it give your tailbone some extra cushioning, it'll also help straighten out your posture. 🍑

    14. A set of Speks magnetic balls that are the adult fidget toy of your dreams. They're great for stress relief, breaking habits, and distracting you from nervously scrolling Instagram all day when you have a long list of work to get done.

    15. A desktop mirror that you can use to keep your teeth clear of salad greens and touch up any flyaways before maskless meetings. You can even customize it to have a small quote at the bottom!

    small desktop mirror that reads "beauty begins when you decide to be yourself"

    16. A bottle of Poo-Pourri spray that'll allow you to confidently poop in peace knowing you won't be stinking up the single-stall bathroom you have to share with 30 people. 🙃

    bottle of poo-pouri

    17. A set of cable clip organizers so the days of nearly falling out of your chair trying to reach your phone charger because it disappeared behind your desk can finally be over.

    close up of mountable cable clips

    18. A cable strip organizer that'll make all your mangled WFH cords less unsightly while preventing your pets and young children from accidentally playing with electricity.

    before pic of a messy cable strip then after of the box containing the same power strip but looking much neater

    19. And a charging station dock and organizer to make sense of all your gadgets and their corresponding chargers, once and for all!

    phones being charged and stored on the dock

    20. An under-desk headphone mount because back-to-the-office means back-to-sharing a 50-foot long table that's supposed to foster "collaboration" (when it really just means zero personal space and even less room to store your things).

    a reviewer photo of two pairs of headphones hanging under a desk

    21. A customizable shelving system that'll also help you maximize the limited space you're working with. In a corner, straight against the wall, or even under your desk — these should do the trick!

    22. A geometric smartphone stand/dock so you can discreetly watch everything going down in the group chat while taking your Zooms. It even has extra lil' compartments for your extra cords, Post-Its, earbuds and such.

    iphone being using on the phone holder

    23. A geometric tape dispenser that's simultaneously very practical as well as a genuine work of art. Just gorgeous — someone put this in the MoMA!

    geometric tape dispense in a brass finish

    24. A retro walnut riser that'll help reduce your slouching "tech neck" as well as free up space underneath for your notebook and loose papers.

    walnut riser with MacBook placed on top of it

    25. A glass dry-erase whiteboard so you can quickly jot down notes and leave yourself little reminders. But realistically, it's a place to doodle, and a place for your work bestie to leave you funny notes.

    26. A set of clear, stackable trays because, I'm sorry, but those drawers of yours?! Absolute chaos. You've got sticky notes blending with the gel pens and paper clips with push pins. That ain't the way it oughta be in '23. K? 😘

    desk drawer with a variety of clear bins inside organizing various small office items

    27. Lastly, a mini wacky waving inflatable tube guy that'll keep your spirits high when your work/life balance is going south.

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