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    17 Coffee Makers Reviewers Actually Swear By

    "The coffee comes out smelling and tasting great every time with no grounds." Can't ask for more than that. ☕

    1. A pour-over coffee maker so cute, it might actually inspire you to start making your daily joe at home rather than overspending on mobile orders seven days a week.

    reviewer photo showing the pourover maker resting under a dishcloth

    2. Or, this ceramic dripper — perfect for anyone who is just looking to make one cup at a time. All you have to do is put it on top of your fav mug, add a filter and some grounds and you'll be off to the (caffeine) races.

    reviewer photo of the white ceramic dripper on top of their orange coffee mug

    3. A programmable coffee pot you can set the night before so you don't have to hassle with measuring cups and water at an ungodly hour.

    reviewer photo showing Mr. Coffee coffee pot on their countertop

    4. A Breville espresso machine that comes with all the attachments, gadgets, and gizmos to make you a full-blown at-home barista. Now you can finally learn latte art!

    5. A classic French press that's so simple yet so effective. Plus, pushing all those grounds through a carafe of steaming hot water is quite the cathartic activity first thing in the morning (and if you're anything like me, constitutes your weight training for the day).

    black French press

    6. A cold brew maker (a BuzzFeed Shopping favorite!), so all you have to do in the morning is pour it in a glass, add a few ice cubes, and then stir in some (okay, a lot) of your go-to creamer.

    7. A moka maker you can use to whip up a dark, rich cup right on your stovetop — nothing else required.

    Bialetti moka pot resting on a credenza next to a typewriter

    8. A travel espresso maker, because being on a remote hike miles away from civilization shouldn't mean you have to go without.

    reviewer using the espresso maker while on a mountain

    9. A more affordable, suuuper-compact pod coffee maker that, ahem, is completely compatible with good ol' K-cups! If you're on a budget or working with a small space, this might just be the one for you.

    reviewer photo showing their red coffee maker fits right on their desk

    10. Or, a single-serve coffee, latte, and cappuccino maker from Keurig so you can get alllll your fav drinks in a matter of minutes. Just pop in the proper K-Cup and you'll be good to go. The built-in milk frother is a nice touch, too.

    Keurig machine on reviewer's countertop next to K-cup carousel

    11. A Hamilton Beach two-way brewer that'll fill up your carafe OR your to-go mug. How easy is that!?

    Hamilton Beach two way brewer

    12. An absolutely beautiful Chemex pour-over that'll probably bring you right back to your high school chemistry days. This fancy beaker is a favorite amongst influencers and YouTubers alike!

    reviewer photo of the Chemex being used to drip a pot coffee

    13. An Amazon Basics 5-cup coffeemaker equipped with a reusable filter so you don't have to mess around with buying paper ones (and creating unnecessary waste!).

    14. A Brim automatic pour-over designed to give you a perfect brew between 197.6 degrees F to 204.8 degrees F — aka, the best possible temp for the best possible tasting coffee.

    Brim 8-cup pourover styled next to some food

    15. A classic, programmable Cuisinart guaranteed to make your coffee brewing experience seamless and headache free. Best of all, it can brew a whopping 14 cups in a single cycle!

    reviewer photo of their gray Cuisinart coffee maker

    16. A cult-favorite Nespresso Vertuo single-serve espresso maker that has over 2,500 5-star reviews on Amazon.

    17. A Chefman Grind and Brew you can use to, you guessed it, grind your beans right before brewing them. We love a two-in-one.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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