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    27 Of The Best Things Under $30 You Can Get At J.Crew Factory

    Jean shorts, tie-front tops, cute sandals...you name it.

    1. A pair of linen-cotton drawstring pants you can wear with *literally* anything and still look effortlessly cool, no matter the occasion.

    2. Love those cotton-linen drawstring pants? Well, lucky you —they have them in shorts, too!

    3. A leopard calf hair belt that looks great with jeans, shorts, or even a dress.

    4. A ruffle-trim tank sweater so you can still feel cozy this summer (without the extra sweating).

    5. A pair of low block heel-sandals that are actually really comfortable.

    6. Cotton sleep shorts perfect for lounging, cleaning, Zoom-ing, studying...whatever you're up to at home.

    7. A scalloped linen-cotton skirt that'll make a great transition piece. Wear it with a sweater and flip flops or even a blazer and T-shirt.

    8. A best-selling cotton tee people are truly obsessed with. Don't believe me? You gotta read the reviews.

    9. Blue-light blocking glasses that are as practical as they are stylish. They pair perfectly with whatever outfit you're rocking and can help reduce headaches or eye strain from staring at screens all day.

    10. A ruffle-trim crepe tank top because business casual doesn't have to be boring — or black.

    11. A pleated midi skirt that will be best friends with your graphic tees and denim jacket.

    12. A pair of denim shorts with a button fly and raw hem because it's already that sunny time of year.

    13. A summer straw hat that, at this price, you basically have no excuse not to get.

    14. Just a great pair of high-rise skinny jeans with a raw hem and button-fly so perfect you'll find yourself slipping them on day after day.

    15. A simple cotton sweater that's a must-have any time of year. Better yet, it's machine washable!

    16. A perfect-fitting wrap dress you'll feel totally comfortable wearing.

    17. A metallic-trim cork clutch that, with its removable strap and neutral tones, is sure to become your "It Bag" of the season.

    18. A crewneck tee of your dreams – there are quite a few color options, so it's a tee-rrific time to stock up.

    19. Thick hoop earrings that will instantly elevate any look.

    20. A cotton cardigan to wear with shorts, dresses, chinos, sweatpants or literally anything else you can think of. This sweater is a great layer for spring.

    21. A timeless cuff bracelet that makes accessorizing easier than ever.

    22. Chino shorts so perfect, you'll be tempted to buy them in every color.

    23. A pair of slide sandals that are sure to become a weekend staple.

    24. A textured tie-front top that looks way more expensive than it actually is.

    25. A pair of timeless leather ballet flats because your current pair probably needs an update anyway.

    26. High-rise girlfriend chinos you can wear with flats on the weekdays and sneakers on the weekends.

    27. A perfect-fit button up that can be styled in oh-so-many ways.

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