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    28 Home Products From Amazon Thousands Of Reviewers Think Are Worth The Price Tag

    Your home is about to get a makeover.

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    1. A set of floating shelves you can use to store everything from skincare products to those little trinkets your grandma always gives you. They're also a useful way to decorate an empty wall!

    2. A chair hammock practically begging you to curl up with a book, fuzzy blanket, and a cup of tea. It works great indoors or out!

    3. A countertop compost bin you can use for all your fruit and veggie scraps that didn't make it into your meal. Once it's full, just take the bag to your local recycling facility or add it to your own at-home compost in the backyard (your garden will thank you later).

    4. An affordable bar cart that doesn't look exactly like the one your BFF got last week. This one's functional AND unique!

    bar car styled with glasses, plates, and canisters

    5. A stretch slipcover since, let's be real, there's just no rescuing your couch that you've had since college. This is a quick and easy way to basically get a new piece of furniture *without* spending thousands of dollars.

    6. A decorative tray that can actually serve a purpose. Use it on an ottoman to store your remotes and candles, keep it on your bed for books and breakfasts in bed, or even use it in your bathroom to display your perfumes and skincare products. The possibilities are truly endless.

    reviewer photo of the tray in their bathroom with skincare products and toiletries

    7. A silverware sorter that fits a full 24-piece cutlery set but takes up HALF the space of a traditional organizer, freeing up so much extra storage in a drawer you never thought you could get back. More room in your drawers = less clutter on your counters.

    reviewer photo showing silverware organizer on the left of a drawer with plenty of room for other utensils on the right

    8. A pack of stainless-steel cabinet pulls that, combined with a fresh coat of paint, will quite literally transform the look and feel of your kitchen. So cheap and easy, too!

    9. And some glossy marble contact paper to finish off the entire kitchen while we're at it. All you have to do is wipe your counters down and, with some patience, lay out the contact paper and smooth out the air bubbles as you go.

    reviewer before and after photo showing the marble contact paper on their kitchen countertops

    10. A set of grocery organizers that'll not only help you keep your fridge in an orderly fashion, but will also catch any leaks and drips that seem to always make their way to the bottom.

    reviewer's fridge filled with several labeled pantry organizers

    11. A simple round mirror (or two!) you can use to swap out those old, dingy ones in your bathroom for an instant refresh. It would also look great in your living room or really anywhere that you need to fill some wall space.

    reviewer photo showing the round mirrors above the sinks in their bathroom

    12. A cabinet door organizer so your awkwardly shaped plastic wrap and cutting boards can have a home of their own.

    13. A set of gold-colored measuring cups and spoons guaranteed to make your friends ask, "Where did you get those!?"

    14. A Magic Hue lightbulb you can use to adjust the ambient light in your room with an app on your phone. Since you still can't go to the club quite yet, might as well bring it to your home!

    15. A macrame photo organizer that'll give you the perfect opportunity to display the endless selfies you and your friends have snapped over the years.

    a macrame photo organizer hanging above a bed

    16. A rotating cosmetics organizer you can use to beautifully and *neatly* display your beauty products. It'll be like having your own lil' Sephora right in your bathroom!

    reviewer photo of the organizer with their beauty products on it

    17. A rolling laundry sorter that'll help offset the labor involved in separating your whites from your darks when laundry day ~rolls~ around.

    reviewer photo showing laundry organizer that they stenciled with the words dark, color, white, and towel

    18. A simple jewelry organizer serving serious Guggenheim vibes. If you've got a small collection of rings and necklaces (but no good place to put 'em) this is the one for you.

    reviewer photo showing their jewelry organizer with the different drawers open

    19. A food container lid organizer because we ALL know the struggle and pain that comes with trying to keep those pesky pieces of plastic in an orderly fashion.

    20. A three-tier metal utility cart that, even if you throw a bunch of random stuff on it, will still look more adult and put together than whatever your current situation is. Best of all, it works great in literally any room in your home (you might even consider buying more than one!).

    The 3-tier metal utility cart in a living room

    21. An over-the-door holder for your iron and ironing board because, uhhh, where else are you gonna put 'em!?

    reviewer photo showing their ironing board and iron perfectly stored on the over-door organizer

    22. A 24-pocket shoe organizer you can use for a heckuva lot more than shoes! Basically, whatever room you need more storage in, add this to the door.

    23. A set of food storage containers with airtight lids that are great for storing all your dry goods AND making your pantry look Pinterest perfect.

    24. A storage ottoman that'll be super convenient for quickly shoving random things in when you want your house cleaned up, but have about .01% energy to actually do so.

    25. A pack of sheet suspender straps to keep your sheets pulled nice and tight so you don't have to waste extra time straightening them out in the morning.

    26. A touchless vacuum that'll make your dust pan look like it's straight outta the Stone Age. Say goodbye to the daunting, back-breaking task of bending over and trying to get every lust crumb swept up.

    27. An alarm clock designed to gently wake you in the morning with a calming light that mimics the sunrise. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP, is so last year. 🌅⏰

    reviewer photo showing sunrise alarm clock "lit up"

    28. A gel-enhanced seat cushion guaranteed to make your WFH days sooooo much better (and less painful!). It'll give your tailbone some extra cushioning, as well as help you straighten out your posture. 🍑

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