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    18 Practical Things You Can Get At Target's Deal Days Event

    Including a toaster, a cordless vacuum, a waterproof speaker, and other everyday items you can't pass up.

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    Welcome, savvy shoppers! Target's Deal Days have arrived, with discounts of up to 50% off throughout the entire store, through October 8! And this isn't just for flashy or seasonal items — there are a ton of ~practical~ items marked down, from cleaning products to small appliances to furniture and more.

    We rounded up some of the best deals on very practical items to save you some time — after all, what could be more practical than that??

    1. A deep tissue massage gun that'll give you some sweet relief when cramps, knots, or tension come knocking. This tool is great for post-workout muscle soreness, or just relieving the ol' WFH back tension.

    deep tissue massage therapy gun

    2. A 5-quart KitchenAid stand mixer to tackle even the toughest baking recipes. It'll also probably last you a lifetime, thanks to how durable it is (it's a wedding registry favorite for a reason!), so get ready for years of delicious treats — plus, it just looks so cool on your counter!

    The stand mixer on a countertop surrounded by food

    3. A set of pink Beats Studio Buds that are both Bluetooth AND noise cancelling, so they're perfect for study sessions, workouts, house cleaning, or any other situation where you want to hear your music or podcast, not the chatter around you. And I mean this color...come ON — they're so stinkin' cute.

    Beats Studio Buds in pink

    4. An adorable Jungalow half-circle bath rug to add a bit of flair to your bathroom AND help prevent you from accidentally slipping and falling every time you get out of the shower — equally important tasks, right?

    Jungalow bath rug

    5. A smokeless grill that I would describe as incredibly practical considering all the *delectable* food you can make on it INDOORS, 365 days a year. Chicken, fish, steaks, grilled veggies, you name it — whenever you want, no warm weather or charcoal required. 🍔

    The smokeless George Foreman grill in black and stainless steel

    6. A modern farmhouse pantry storage closet if you're seriously lacking storage space in your tiny apartment.

    pantry storage cabinet in white

    7. A Bissell Little Green deep cleaner that'll leave you nothing short of *shocked* when it magically restores your furniture and rugs right before your eyes. Pet parents, this is a MUST for you!!

    A model using the cleaning tool on her area rug

    8. An air fryer toaster oven (yep, you read that right) if you're looking to get even more bang for your buck when it comes to sleek design and functionality. This baby air fries, toasts, bakes and broils. So basically, your actual oven is going to get pretty lonely once this genius device shows up.

    Cuisinart airfryer toaster oven

    9. A beautiful, minimalist console table that you can place in your entryway to 1) add a decorative touch that all will see immediately upon entering your home, and, more importantly, 2) have a consistent place to set your keys so you never lose them again (!!).

    The console table with decorative items on it

    10. A retro-style four-slice toaster so stylish, you can display it proudly in your kitchen. This is a HUGE upgrade, both in look and in service, from the ratty one you're still using from college (you know, the one that either barely toasts at all or completely burns the bread).

    the blue toaster on kitchen counter

    11. A Whirlpool Ice Maker that's perfect for outdoor spaces where ice isn't always easily accessible, OR for anyone whose fridge doesn't have an ice maker (I am sadly one of these people).

    black ice maker with lid on counter

    12. A cozy, ruched faux fur throw blanket to keep you nice and warm while you binge watch Netflix all fall and winter long. Plus, it's machine-washable, so no worries when you inevitably spill some Diet Coke on it.

    13. A 12-piece ceramic cookware set in a STUNNING blue color that's guaranteed to make all your friends and family ask, "Where did you get those from!?" Plus, all the pieces are dishwasher-safe!

    Four pieces of the cookware set are displayed in the kitchen

    14. A Dyson cordless vacuum because who has time to deal with wrangling a vacuum cord?? Absolutely no one. And the suction on this thing is second to none.

    The vacuum picking up food around a high chair

    15. A portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker that can clip easily to your belt or bag, so your music can always go wherever you do: the pool, the beach, bike rides, trail runs, the name it.

    JBL mini square bluetooth speaker

    16. A hot and iced coffee maker so you can round out your at-home coffee shop set-up and be your own barista!! Plus, this thing can brew up anything from a single serve to a full carafe at your desired brew strength, with the push of a button, so no more making a full pot when all you wanted was a single mug.

    a coffee maker staged in a kitchen

    17. A tortilla press that'll do exactly what you need it to do: whip up all the warm, delicious lil' tortillas you could ever want, whenever you want them. Taco night is quaking!!!

    The tortilla press

    18. A waffle maker because it will help you make waffles from scratch almost as easily as you'd heat up some frozen ones. If that isn't practical, what is?

    person using tongs to lift waffle out of a flip waffle maker

    So get ready! Remember, you only have until Saturday, October 8th to score these practical deals and more at Target's Deal Days!!

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