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The Latest And Greatest Accessory For All You Pokemon Go Trainers

Never again be worried about your bag of Pokéballs again. Enjoy a full bag of balls with this new accessory.

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The must have trainer accessory for all you Pokémon Go Players.

With this exciting new event under way trainers will need to be amply prepared to catch as many Pokemon as possible in order to reap the benefits that the bonuses have to offer. After logging a few months of gameplay under their belts, devoted trainers would certainly agree that a successful Pokémon® pursuit requires one thing; a full bag of Pokéballs. Nothing is worse than encountering a rare or much-needed Pokémon® when your bag has nothing but Razz Berries and Potions. Pokéballs are certainly invaluable tools when it comes to catching Pokémon® and it is truly a shame to waste so many balls in poorly-thrown casts. On a daily basis, millions of Pokéballs are lost due to errant throws, and the Halloween weekend will undoubtedly be no different.

Fortunately for all of you discouraged trainers out there, the creators of CatchGlass have come up with the solution to save your Pokéball stash from going dry on All Hallows Eve. Enter CatchGlass, the new smartphone accessory to help hone your throws by preventing your finger from straying left or right during your cast. The CatchGlass screen protector has a narrow slit that allows you to catch Pokémon® with ultimate precision. Not only is CatchGlass conducive for the active lifestyle of a Pokémon® trainer, it also protects your screen from breaking during nasty drops and fumbles, which occur frequently throughout the quest for rare Pokémon® during trick-or-treating outings. Its tempered glass keeps your screen intact while you continue to add to your Pokédex.

This dual-use screen protector is perfect for any Pokémon Go fan and equivalent in protection and price ($19.99) to other screen protectors. CatchGlass is compatible with iPhones 5 and up, with iPhone 7 and Android versions coming soon. CatchGlass is also available in a vinyl version, V-CatchGlass, which fits snugly over full-protection cases, such as OtterBox®, or LifeProof®.

Pokémon® Go is still one of the most popular apps available, and with the Halloween bonuses on the table it is a must-have for the big night. Niantic will definitely promote similar bonus events in the future, so what are you waiting for? GO and pick up CatchGlass to be the very best, like no one ever was! Happy Halloween Pokefans!

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