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    How To Cut Small Fruits

    How to cut every fruit

    1. Grapes

    To slice a grape, cut along the stem or cut it into 5 slices. Cut them right before you use them or they will get slimy.

    2. Strawberries

    Remove the hull by twisting it. Use a sharp paring knife to turn the strawberry to get that hard piece out.

    3. Figs

    Cut them in half.

    4. Plums

    Cut around the seed. Then cut it into quarters and remove the pit. Slice the plum nice and thin.

    5. Limes

    Cut it in half. Put it on the flat side and cut it in half again. Then cut it into smaller pieces.

    6. Lemons

    Remove the ends and peel it. Follow the contour of the lemon when peeling. Cut between the segments.

    7. Kiwi Berries

    Cut them in half or pop them in your mouth.

    8. Longans

    Pierce the skin and open it up. To remove the seed, cut it like a plum or peach.

    9. Apricots

    Cut the pit off like an avocado.

    10. Cape Gooseberries

    Remove the husk and cut it.

    11. Prickly Pears

    Cut the ends off and score it. Remove the skin and slice it or leave it whole.

    12. Starfruits

    Cut the ends off. Slice it and eat it!

    13. Rambutans

    Make a little incision and the skin should peel away. Cut it around the seed.

    14. Passion Fruits

    Cut it in half. Scoop it with a spoon.

    15. Kiwis

    Cut the ends off and peel it with a peeler. Cut into slices or large dices.

    16. Mandarine Oranges

    You can peel it by hand or slice it for any gin or vodka.

    17. Loquats

    Cut it like an avocado. The skin should peel away easily. To remove the seeds, use a spoon and scoop the seeds and pith out. You can cut into pieces for a fruit salad or slice them.

    18. Lychees

    Remove the skin and cut around the seed or cut like a longan.

    19. Blueberries

    Cut them in half for any babies or young children

    20. Persimmons

    Peel the persimmon with a peeler. The skin is inedible because it is full of tannins and tannins in this fruit can cause persimmon stones. Cut it in half. You can make a v cut to remove the leaves. You can slice it or cube it.

    21. Raspberries

    Cut them in half or quarters for any toddlers, babies, or young children.

    22. Blackberries

    Cut them in half or quarters for and toddlers, babies, or young children.

    23. Donut Peaches

    Cut it like a regular peach and remove the seed. Slice it or dice it.

    24. Cherries

    Cut around the pit.

    25. Ataulfo Mangos

    Peel it with a peeler. Go about a third of the way in and one lobe falls off. Do the same thing for the other side. You can eat the flesh off the pit or you can cut the flesh off. For the flesh, cut it into slices or dices.

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