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    73 Fruits Ranked From Disgusting To Delicious

    If you have checked out my ranking of fruits, this is a different one because my tastes changed. You will see some fruits in a different spot. There are more fruits. Remember, this is my opinion, so you may think this is wrong. Countdown to disgusting and delicious fruits!

    73. Pineapple

    Pineapples are the worst. They are hard to cut and they are sour too. They also burn my tongue when I eat them. They are overrated and not sexy at all.

    72. Blueberries

    They look and taste disgusting. They can contain up to 14.7g of sugar per cup. They are super sour as well.

    71. Raspberries

    They have a bad texture and they are pretty sour.

    70. Blackberries, Boysenberries, Mulberries, and Loganberries

    All four have a bad texture and are pretty sour lol. I hate them

    69. Plums

    They are pretty sour and have a high sugar content with a whooping 16.4 grams of sugar in a cup. Not for people that don't like sour and are limiting sugar in their diet. I hate them.

    68. Breadfruit

    They are hard to process and they don't taste good. They taste like uncooked flour.

    67. Durian and Jackfruits

    They are super high in calories and have a high glycemic index of 75. They are stinky too.

    66. Figs

    Figs have a medium-high glycemic index of 60. Not recommended for diabetics to eat. I have never tried them, but I don't think they will be delicious. Four medium sized ones have 32 grams of sugar.

    65. Avocado

    It's just a plain old mush.

    64. Coconut

    It is so oily. It makes me fat.

    63. Currants

    They look disgusting.

    62. Dried Apricots and Prunes

    They taste so disgusting.

    61. Cherries

    They are so mushy. They are sour too.

    60. Ackee

    I can't eat them because they are banned over here.

    59. Huckleberries

    They are mushy and bad.

    58. Lemons

    Bitter and sour. No lemons for me.

    57. Cranberries

    They are mushy.

    56. Red Delicious Apples

    They are not sweet at all.

    55. Pomegranates

    Pomegranates are difficult to eat. You have to use a spoon to tap the seeds out using your very strong muscles.

    54. Soursops

    Soursops are difficult to eat. They are very sour too. You have to peel it, remove the seeds and eating too much can cause health problems.

    53. Quinces

    Quinces are hard.

    52. Clementines

    They are dry and old.

    51. Raw Mango

    You need to be very careful to cut them, or you will get cut. They are very slippery.

    50. Eggfruits (canistel)

    They are hard to prep.

    49. Limes

    Limes are perfectly fine. I add them to pies, salads, sangrias, or water. They are juicy and add a refreshing punch to anything. But as fruits, you can do even better.

    48. Guavas

    Guava is high in fiber, so it is not watery. However, they are slightly sweet and are delicious in juice and candies.

    47. Pawpaws


    46. Babaco


    45. Jabuticaba


    44. Kiwano


    43. Pluots


    42. Kumquats


    41. Jambu Fruit


    40. Feijoas


    39. Elderberries


    38. Tamarillo


    37. Yuzu


    36. Kiwis

    They are actually okay. They are sour and sweet.

    35. Sakyamu fruit or Custard Apple

    I've heard that people say that they are very sweet. I can't wait to try them. They sound delicious.

    34. Jujubes and Dates

    They are actually okay.

    33. Green Coconuts

    They have nice coconut water. Their flesh is much more delicious than matured brown coconuts.

    32. Watermelons

    They are juicy and sweet.

    31. Grapefruits

    They are sweet, sour and delicious.

    30. Pomelo

    Similar to grapefruits, they are sweet and juicy.

    29. Cantaloupe Melons

    They are juicy and delicious.

    28. Key limes

    They are good in pies.

    27. White peaches

    They are delicious.

    26. White Melons

    They are delicious as honeydew melons.

    25. Korean Melons

    They are juicy and sweet.

    24. Loquats

    My mom says that I ate a lot of them and I liked them.

    23. Pepino Melons

    22. Olives

    They are delicious on pizza.

    21. Blood Oranges and Cara Cara Oranges

    They are juicy.

    20. Pears

    19. Bananas

    They are a great addition to a smoothie.

    18. Golden Kiwis

    They are juicy.

    17. Mangosteen

    I ate these yummy fruits in China.

    16. Tangerines

    They are yummy.

    15. Persimmons

    They are sweet and delicious.

    14. Longan

    Similar to lychees, these fruits are in season in Summer. They have a tropical fruity taste.

    13. Rambutan

    Very similar to longan.

    12. Asian Pears

    Same with pears except more juicy.

    11. Oranges

    They are sweet and juicy. My favorite citrus fruit.

    10. Papayas

    They are yummy in soup with asian pears.

    9. Nectarines

    They are as delicious as peaches.

    8. Passion fruit

    They are sour and sweet. Great addition to Acai bowls.

    7. Apples

    They are almost good in any way.

    6. Cantaloupe and Honeydew Melons

    They are a perfect summer treat and can keep you hydrated. They are so yummy.

    5. Strawberries

    They are delicious. This summer fruit is yummy and sweet and lower in sugar with only 7 grams of sugar per cup.

    4. Dragon fruit and Star fruit

    They are delicious in a fruit salad, smoothie, and a fruit platter.

    3. Apricots

    They have a similar texture and flavor to peaches. Like peaches, this fruit is in season in summer. I don't want to miss the short season in June, July, and August when they are in season.

    2. Peaches

    They are sweet and low in sugar with only 13 grams per fruit (150g). I love them in pies and on their own.

    And The Winner Is..............................................

    1. MANGOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They are juicy and sweet and delicious in anything! I love this Summer fruit.

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