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    Posted on Oct 3, 2013

    The Government Shutdown As Explained By Huell From "Breaking Bad"

    GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN? HOW LONG YOU GON' BE?! Warning: Potential spoilers for both Breaking Bad and America.

    So, uh-oh: We're in week two of the government shutdown.

    Which has happened because Congress wasn't able to decide on a short-term budget beyond the fiscal-year end.

    Republicans are still very unhappy with the Affordable Care Act, perhaps better known as Obamacare, and aimed to throw a wrench in the plan's execution.

    Which has led to a stalemate in defining a new budget, as well as the closure of all "nonessential" federal services.

    And has caused the government to shut down indefinitely.

    This means the immediate closure of over 400 national parks and monuments.

    And a halt to pretty much all of NASA, including any progress on the next mission to Mars.

    President Obama is pretty upset about it. He said so on his Twitter. And, um.

    Idk. I don't really know that much about politics to be honest. What if Huell was on a cheese pizza?

    Or a really fat cat!

    Remember when Huell was all like

    And that one time he said

    Classic Huell.

    Do you think he ever got out of that safe house?


    Sometimes I wonder.

    Never forget.