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What Your Zodiac Sign Says About You... Behind Your Back

Juicy gossip! Read what your Zodiac Sign has been saying about you when you're not around!

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Aquarius says you still owe him money. He said you keep pretending that you forgot and you keep saying you'll pay him back later, but at this point, you should probably just Venmo him... He's telling everyone that he's mad at you.



Pisces said you've been acting a little pretentious lately. I'm just paraphrasing here, but it was something about how you think you're always right, but you shouldn't try to give everyone advice all the time. Sometimes people are just trying to vent, they don't want you to fix them. Yikes, sorry... Don't tell Pisces I told you, just take it as constructive criticism.



I overheard Aries saying he knows you've been stalking his new girlfriend on Instagram and that he's really weirded out that you even followed her in the first place because she's sort of intimidated by you and doesn't want to weird you out when she posts a romantic picture with him.



Taurus messaged me on Facebook asking for your number, and was wondering if you're into guys with long hair. Lmk what to say back ASAP! He knows I already saw his message! I think you guys would be cute together tbh!



Everyone knows the Gemini twins are massive gossips, and you probably thought you were only on the receiving side of it. No way, turns out they're totally two faced, because as soon as you walked away, they both said you and your fidget spinner are "hella annoying." Sorry to be the one to tell you, but just felt like I should let you know.



Leo said you two matched on Bumble and he really wants to take you out sometime, but that you said you're suuuuper busy right now. Anyway, just letting you know he's been talking about you and is wondering if you like him.



Virgo told me she didn't want to confront you about it, but the Snapchat update is proof that you lied. You always say you're on you're way when she can see your Bitmoji still at your house. Probably just be honest with her next time. She knows and she has screenshots.



While you were looking for your umbrella after yoga, Libra said she totally heard you fart in class, and that you need to work on your balance. I told her you're new at yoga and to give you a break, but she just rolled her eyes. Sorry, don't take it personally. I'm on your side here, trust me.



Scorpio said you ordered seven drinks at dinner and didn't even offer to split the check. Also, he said you totally stepped on him when you two went for a walk on the beach. So not cool. Did you apologize? I know it's hard to be the bigger person, but you're literally the bigger person and he's totally scared of you now.



Hey, just so you know, Sagittarius is really offended that you told everyone he'd be better off if he was top half horse, bottom half human. I thought it was funny, but he thought it was really mean. Idk if he'll confront you at Jason's pool party tomorrow or anything, but this is just a heads up that he knows.

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