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9 Ironic Couples Halloween Costumes For All Genders

OK couples, Halloween is creeping up, and it’s time to get your act together. Making/buying costumes can be time consuming, so don’t stress yourself out by leaving everything til the day before (that’s what Christmas and Hanukkah are for)! Still can't decide what to wear but want to avoid couples costume clichés? Why not go with something super cringeworthy to make your friends uncomfortable?

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Belle and Gaston

Instagram @gretelr0se, Photographer: Michaela Reilly, Models: Brian Walsh, Gretel Rose Wilson / Via Instagram: @gretelr0se

Especially following the release of Disney’s 2017 Beauty and the Beast remake, you’re bound to see tons of couples dressed as Belle and the Beast this Halloween. While wearing that iconic gorgeous yellow ball gown sounds fun, and it’s probably available for purchase at every costume shop, consider switching things up by dressing as bookworm Belle and f***boi Gaston.

Hades and Pegasus

Loren Javier / Via

It would be super cute to be Hercules and Meg, but wouldn’t it be funnier to be Hades and Pegasus? You can both wear a blue wig, so fun! Hades is pretty simple, just wear a black dress and some spooky makeup. And for Pegasus, if you don’t have time to make a whole fluffy white jumpsuit, grab an adult onesie and a pair of white wings. Boom!

Harry Potter and the Golden Snitch

@gretelr0se on Instagram. Photographer: Christina Park. Models: Brian Walsh, Gretel Rose Wilson / Via Instagram: @gretelr0se

Surely you’ll see plenty of Harry Potters and Ginny Weasleys, Tonks and Lupins, Hermiones and Rons, etc., but wouldn’t it be hilarious to be Harry and the Golden Snitch? If you're super crafty, Brian (pictured here) built his own wand, and my friend Emily knitted the Gryffindor scarf. I sprung for the $25 wings, but I'll definitely be reusing them (Pegasus, VS Angel, etc). And I'm wearing a black suit today, so I'll obviously be reusing my gold face paint to look like Goldenface from The Office's Threat Level Midnight, right after work (Halloween is a month-long holiday, right?)

Rick Sanchez and Dr. Emmett Brown

Gage Skidmore / Via Flickr: gageskidmore

There’ll already be so many people dressed as Rick and Morty, but how about Rick and Doc? They’re both inventor/scientists, and Rick and Morty was based on Back to the Future. Double date? Definitely go with Rick and Doc and Morty and Marty. Triple date?? The third couple can be Albert Einstein and Einstein the dog from BTTF. Maybe you can get a Groupon for mad scientist wigs. Tripletting!

Jaime and Cercei Lannister (SPOILER ALERT)

Mooshuu / Via

OK, hear me out. There’s going to be millions of couples dressed as Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, and we know now that they’re incestuous (but for some reason we're all OK with it and totally ship them), so why not go all out with a Cercei and Jaime couples costume? Especially if you two will be making out all night, it’ll be hilarious to make everyone at the party cringe. Just don't actually cut off your hand or actually make out with a family member, and it'll be fine!

Vet and Cone of Shame Pet

If you want your couple's costume to be 100x weirder than a fireman and a dalmatian, consider going as a veterinarian and a dog or cat with a cone of shame. Everyone will be so uncomfortable, it'll be a hit.

Adam and Steve, Pun Edition

Kirk McMurray / Via

Eve is cancelled, it's all about Adam and Steve this Halloween. If you’re going to a rooftop party and it’s way too cold to go commando like OG Biblical Adam, and a leaf-wearing Steve, there’s so many more ways to pull this off. You’ve got Mythbusters’ Adam Savage, Adam “Ruins Everything” Conover, Prince Adam from the aforementioned Beauty and the Beast, Adam Lambert, Blue’s Clues Steve, Minecraft Steve, Steve Holt, Steve Madden, Steve Jobs, Captain America Steve, etc. Mix and match for a punny triple entendre!

Sugar Daddy and Salt Bae

Alan Turkus / Via Flickr: aturkus

Easiest couple's costume ever. All Salt Bae needs is a white t-shirt and salt to sprinkle everywhere, and the Sugar Daddy could carry around a bag of sugar, put it in a stroller or baby carrier, or just tape a bunch of Sugar Daddy candy wrappers to themselves.

Honorable Mention: Mix and Match Couple/Swingers


Instead of a common couples costumes like Mario and Princess Peach or Fred Flinstone and Wilma, do something unexpected: go as Luigi and Peach or Barney Rubble and Wilma. Mix and match characters from any dynamic duos, you've got bazillions of characters to choose from!

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