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10 Foods That Taste Better Stale - #6 Will Surprise You

Hear me out...

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2. Marshmallows


I brought the marshmallows in and rolled up the bag so they don't get ants, but they're so much better stale. Especially mini marshmallows. Maybe even wait a few more days until they're not fluffy at all anymore.

3. Circus Peanuts


They're alright when they're fresh and fluffy, but if you grab some at the gas station and then eat a few and then put the bag in the glove compartment and forget about it until tomorrow? Perfection.

4. Peeps


Easter candy is gross, and no one is going to eat those Peeps you keep offering. By the time you've asked everyone you know if they'll take the Peeps off your hands and you're about to throw them out, take a bite of one of those bad boys' al dente tails.

6. Thanksgiving Turkey


Leftover turkey the day after Thanksgiving? Yum! Make a sandwich, drown it in stale gravy, or my personal favorite method: chop it up, throw it in a bowl, and squirt a ton of mustard on it.

7. Cereal


Ever wonder why cereal doesn't come in Ziploc bags? It's because even the manufacturers know that it'll taste better several days after you open it. Also, be sure to let your Frosted Mini Wheats soak until your milk tastes like Strawberry Delight or Pumpkin Spice.

8. Traditionally Crispy Cookies


Ginger snaps, oatmeal cookies, Oreos, and any cookies that are supposed to be crunchy are most likely going to taste better when they're a little chewy. Alternately, beware of letting chewy cookies get stale, as they will be hard, crispy, and will give your sugar-rotted mouth a big old toothache.

9. Bread

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Ok, maybe it's usually best when it's fresh, but if it's stale, dip it in a little bowl of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and kosher salt. Or, if you're a French toast- or crouton-lover, stale bread is definitely your go-to.

10. Honorable Mention: Pizza from Last Night


Obviously nothing is better than fresh-out-of-the-oven, greasy, gooey, pizza, but it's worth mentioning that that pizza is going to be amazing the next morning but in a different way. I recommend always ordering a large, because you're definitely going to want leftover pizza for your next few meals. Either eat it cold, stick it in the oven, microwave it, or to resurrect that crispy crust, throw it on the stove on medium in a non-stick pan until the bottom is crispy, then drip a few drops of water in the pan, cover it, and let the cheese melt. It might even taste better than it did yesterday, simply because you were dreaming about it all night.

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