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    This Yorkie Is Stealing Hearts Around The Internet With Her Beautiful Hair

    She has better hair than most of the people you know.

    This is Willie, a five-year-old Yorkshire Terrier who's stealing hearts with her beautiful hair.

    @williecute / Via

    On her Instagram account, @Williecute, you can check out her photos and wonder to yourself how you can get hair as good as Willie's.

    @williecute / Via

    "When her hair is crazy, we put a bow or braids in it."

    @williecute / Via

    "Her head of hair is out of control. She bathes once a week, and we don't comb her hair every day, though we probably should." Laura, her human mom, told BuzzFeed Español.

    Her full name is Willamina, but because she's mostly referred to by her nickname, many people think she's a boy. Nope! Willie is a super-beautiful girl dog.

    @williecute / Via

    Be-au-ti-ful and trendy.

    Laura, Willie's human mom, is also her photographer. Her goal is simply to make people smile

    "I want to show everyone how much personality and sass is in this adorable little being."

    One of Willie's favorite activities is playing with her little sister, Shay.

    @williecute / Via

    In their free time, both pups play by practicing sumo wrestling.

    Of course, Willie is also a pro at taking naps.

    @williecute / Via


    And as we can see here, she wakes up every day with fur that's envied by dogs and humans alike.

    @williecute / Via

    Everyone's Google search history: "How to get hair like Willie's".

    Every hairstyle looks great on Willie with no effort.

    @williecute / Via

    "People always tell us she's 'really cute,' so that's where we came up with her Instagram name: "Williecute." Laura told BuzzFeed Español.


    I mean... she is really cute.

    Don't click away without following Willie on Instagram! She'll be the prettiest thing you see in your feed all day. Follow @Williecute now!

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