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Watermelon Dresses Are The Best Thing To Happen On Instagram This Summer

Look great on the beach for essentially no cost.

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The hottest time of the year is here, and that means we're indulging one of best, sweetest, most refreshing, and delicious, summertime treats: WATERMELON.

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And people on Instagram are taking their love for this fruit further than ever with this latest trend.

@veraleto / Via

Everyone is sharing their tropical #WatermelonDress look.

@taranni88 / Via

It's pretty easy to achieve: Find a friend to carefully line up a nibbled watermelon slice so that it's framing you perfectly...

Snap the photo, and voilà! It might just be your new summertime profile picture.

@royaumemelazic / Via

Some fashionistas are even tailoring their dresses.

@lora_ko__ / Via

And if you're looking for a polka dot pattern, just pick up a watermelon that isn't seedless. 😂

@pwood1111 / Via

Anyone can try this trend. And the trend looks good on anyone.

Instagram: @mommyshorts

(Anyone who wants to look glam, fresh and ready to fight the heat, that is.)

@nedinnn / Via

Give it a shot next time you're at the beach!

Are you in?
@thepatillalife / Via

Are you in?

This post was translated from Spanish.

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