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We Need To Talk About This Walter Mercado Eating Doritos In Space

Mucho...pero mucho WTF.

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We all know Walter Mercado...

Ramon Feliciano / AP / Via Facebook: waltermercadotv

He's the iconic Puerto Rican astrologer, also known by his artistic name Shanti Ananda. His presence was felt in many Latino households, often appearing on Primer Impacto to deliver good vibes and "mucho, pero mucho amor."

The video begins with Walter in a costume store...


There, the renowned psychic is trying out one of his outlandish costumes, which begs the question: Does this mean that Walter now considers his own clothes a costume? I'm very depressed now.


Three Doritos later, Walter dreams that he's on a space ship with wings and the number 69 randomly has a special cameo*.


*TBF, it could be Pisces which, coincidentally, is the zodiac sign of our glamorous psychic. But it seriously looks like a 69, so yeah.


Here's the full commercial for your full enjoyment:

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This post was translated from Spanish.