19 Women With Vintage Style You’ll Want to Follow on Instagram

A retro look for the modern world.

1. @Martine.lightblue

@martine .lightblue / Via instagram.com


This vintage doll and lingerie lover from Paris looks lavish in her styles from yesteryear. A self styled “feminine feminist,” her photos are a catalogue of fashion from the past several decades.

2. @Iddavanmunster

@iddavanmunster / Via instagram.com


Idda van Munster is a woman from Bosnia who likes to travel and bring her unique style and retro garments along with her everywhere she goes. Although her look is 100% vintage, her photos are bright and full of color. You won’t regret following her on Instagram.

3. @Kirstiemydear

@kirstiemydear / Via instagram.com


Kirstie must be, without a doubt, the most stylish law student in all of Canada (and probably anywhere else). A fan of The Beatles and cats, this retro style beauty has recently started a YouTube channel with tutorials on how to achieve the same looks from her fabulous Instagram account.

4. @Vanessafrankenstein

@vanessafrankenstein / Via instagram.com


Vanessa Frankenstein has the most seventies-inspired look of anyone on this list. She may even look familiar to you, because in addition to her Instagram account, she is a model whose face has appeared in numerous magazines and publicity campaigns.

5. @Bombiris

@bombiris / Via instagram.com


Andreina Mendez is a Venezuelan fashion blogger who lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and her look combines vintage garments with sneakers and modern clothes. The result? An incredible look that’s tied to the ’70s and ’80s, but feels a little bit current as well.

6. @Idacath

@idacath / Via instagram.com


What’s the most surprising thing about this Norwegian woman’s wardrobe? Her entire style, from head to toe, comes directly out of the ’30s and ’40s. Her name is Ida Cathrine, a film student and dubbing artist who you should definitely follow if you’re into authentic vintage apparel.

7. @Isabelmusidora

@isabelmusidora / Via instagram.com


Isabel lives in southern California and has a fantastic style that will take you back to the ’20s and ’30s at a glance. She also has a YouTube channel where you can find tutorials for doing your makeup just like hers.

8. @Norafinds

@norafinds / Via instagram.com


“Chinese-Indonesian-Australian” is how this stylish lady living in London describes her roots. She is also a molecular biologist, blogger, and someone with superb luck when it comes to finding incredible clothing in vintage shops.

9. @Angiekyra

@angiekyra / Via instagram.com


This stylish woman’s Instagram biography is fantastic: “I like dead people’s clothes.” You can’t put it better than that. From Budapest, on some days Angie dresses like a character out of an eighties film and on others as a dainty dame from the ’40s. Following her is like taking a trip through time.

10. @Anneliesvanoverbeek

@anneliesvanoverbeek / Via instagram.com


Annelies van Overbeek is the most popular fashion icon on this list. Why? Her photos have gone viral as she poses in the style of famous cultural and pop icons from the past.

11. @Vintagemaedchen_by_victoria

@vintagemaedchen_by_victoria / Via instagram.com


Victoria is clear on one thing: she is all about the period from the ’20s to the ’60s. Warning: Every one of her photos has a delicate touch of nostalgia that will make you breathe a sigh when you see them.

12. @Magdalena_regina

@Magdalena_regina. / Via instagram.com


Magdalena Regina is a model with fantastic eyebrows and an amazing demeanor who describes herself as a “vintage fashion designer.” Along with her passion for art, her talent for design can be seen in all of her Instagram photos.

13. @Valle_mortis

@valle_mortis / Via instagram.com


This is Eleanor Ward-Thompson, a Londoner who looks like she is right out of the ’20s and ’30s. If you like her style, take a look at her Tumblr, where she posts her inspirations, and her online store, where she sells vintage garments.

14. @Howlingwolve

@howlingwolve / Via instagram.com


This beautiful redhead was brought to us straight from 1940 and somehow figured out how to get her hands on a phone with access to Instagram. Among her passions: the World War II era, art and nature.

15. @Rachelfrancesx

@rachelfrancesx / Via instagram.com


Rachel Frances will make you believe that she has survived, intact and as beautiful as ever, from the 1950s. Her style is replete with Hollywood glamour from its glory days, and she gets extra points for her perfect locks and imposing sensuality.

16. @Racheldarling_

@racheldarling_ / Via instagram.com


Rachel McKenna is film maker, storyteller and illustrator. In addition to her inspiring photos, she has a YouTube channel where she talks a little more about her vintage style.

17. @Bisforbrittany

@bisforbrittany / Via instagram.com


“A modern woman with a vintage style” is how Brittany Knapp describes herself. Her Instagram account is full of inspiration for combining yesterday’s styles with more novel garments you can find in your closet.

18. @Katielouiseford

@katielouiseford / Via instagram.com


Katie-Louise Ford is an Australian fashion designer who looks like she is out of a silent movie from the roaring ’20s. Her style also features bits of fashion inspired by Marie Antoinette.

19. @Damfino

@Damfino / Via instagram.com


Known as Lady Damfino, she describes herself as “a Disney princess with a vintage touch” and “pop culture pinup girl”. She can normally be seen with perfect red lips spending a relaxing afternoon at Disneyland.

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