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21 Signs Your Youth Is Gone Forever

Who's that knocking at the door? Oh, no one... just OLD AGE.

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3. When you seriously start to worry about your savings account.

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Remember when your balance was near zero and your parents gave you money and you were happy? HA! Good luck now, sucker! :(

4. When all your friends from high school are getting married.


25 for them: married and thinking about having kids

25 for me: single and thinking about whether I should order in Chinese or pizza for dinner

5. Or when your Facebook feed starts to fill up with photos of babies instead of drunken frat bros surrounded by crushed beer cans.


The transformation began slowly, until suddenly, Facebook became your mom's new go-to "I want grandchildren" tool in her stress-inducing arsenal.

11. When you start eating broccoli and other "healthy" foods voluntarily.

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Gone are the days when you could eat anything and everything that was put in front of your face without feeling the repercussions.

14. When you stop sharing details about your personal life on social media.

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Congratulations! You've FINALLY discovered that nobody actually cares what you ate for lunch or why you ended that relationship.

21. And finally, when you realize that you've definitely grown, but that you still have a LOT of things left to experience in this crazy thing we call life.

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Don't be dramatic — you're not old. It's called "adulthood," and it's a new world just waiting to be discovered. So let go of the cane and go crazy...every once in while.

This post was translated from Spanish.

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