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    Updated on Dec 27, 2018. Posted on Sep 29, 2018

    13 Netflix Shows You Should Watch If True Crime Is Extremely Your Thing

    Love Law & Order? You'll love these, too.

    1. Inside the Criminal Mind


    With the help of expert neurologists and criminologists, this Netflix original explores the reasons that might lead someone to become a serial killer, cult leader, kidnapper, or all of the above.

    What makes it different? This isn't so much a story about infamous murderers than it is a dark psychological analysis of the kind of minds that commit the worst crimes.

    2. Inside The World's Toughest Prisons


    The premise of this show: investigative journalists visit notorious prisons around the world in order to document real life behind bars.

    What makes it different? The presenter, Raphael Rowe, is basically fearless: he lives in each prison for a week, often becomes close to his cellmates (many of them serial killers and drug lords) and gets involved in the daily prison life to a point where you, the viewer, also feel like you're on the inside.

    3. Nurses Who Kill


    This docu-series presents the very real stories of nurses who, instead of helping their patients, prefer to kill them.

    What makes it different? It's a very informative documentary that makes you think about the possibility that there might be more of these nurses in the world — which is just downright spooky.

    4. The Staircase

    Netflix / Via

    In this Netflix original series, a crime novelist's wife dies after falling down the stairs of their house — and he is immediately identified as the possible murderer.

    What makes it different? Did he kill her? Or was it truly an accident? You the viewer get to play private investigator and dig deep into the couple's life to find out the truth.

    5. I AM A KILLER


    In this documentary series, real inmates sentenced to death talk about their lives and the crimes that led them to be behind bars.

    What makes it different? Each chapter introduces a different inmate who speaks, frankly and in first person, about the motivations that led them to commit their crimes — all as they wait on their own execution dates.

    6. Drug Lords

    Courtesy Of Netflix

    This docu-series tells the true story of the most famous drug traffickers in history, including: El Chapo, Pablo Escobar, Christopher Coke, and The Pettingill clan.

    What makes it different? Sure, it's a lot like Narcos, but Narcos is still just a fictional series with the production value and fact-bending to match. However, this documentary tells you who these guys really were.

    7. Evil Genius


    In August 2003, there was an attempted robbery on a bank in Pennsylvania carried out by a pizza delivery man, who had a bomb tied around his neck and claimed that someone was forcing him to commit that crime. What happened next would go on to be remembered as "America's most diabolical bank heist."

    What makes it different? This documentary series digs into the true story of the heist and all the related conspiracy theories, letting you the viewer draw your own conclusions on what really happened.

    8. First and Last


    This series offers deeply human perspectives on the American criminal justice system, as documented in the Gwinnett County jail in Georgia. Each episode presents interviews with inmates on their first or last day in prison.

    What makes it different? It's not Orange Is The New Black or Prison Break, because these subjects are real people. We see them open up in front of the camera as they laugh, cry, and talk about their private life and crimes.

    9. The Confession Tapes


    This documentary series follows the stories of people who were convicted of murder but claim that they were forced to confess.

    What makes it different? This series will seriously challenge the belief that only someone truly guilty is capable of confessing to a crime.

    10. The Investigator


    In this British crime story, we encounter a talented researcher who decides to reexamine a series of unsolved murders. The first season begins with the case of a woman who disappeared and whose body was never found.

    What makes it different? Is the woman's husband really guilty? Are we dealing with a serial killer who was never caught? This and many other questions will cross your mind while you also decide to put on your private investigator hat and dive deep into the story.

    11. Murderous Affairs


    Murderous spouses are all the rage in thrillers and HBO shows, but this documentary follows real life stories where relationships and marriages have gone badly wrong.

    What makes it different? Despite the lower production value and reenactment format, you can't shake the fact that these are real stories of people who were driven to do the unthinkable, all for love.

    12. The Keepers

    Courtesy Of Netflix

    This docu-series investigates the decades-ago murder of the nun Catherine Cesnik. A possible suspect? A priest who was also accused of having abused minors.

    What makes it different? The investigation tries to uncover not only the actual murderer, but also at the involvement of religious and police members on the case, as well as in the sexual abuse of students of the Catholic school.

    13. Flint Town


    Flint, Michigan, has 100,000 residents and only 98 policemen. It's also one of the most volatile places in America.

    What makes it different? This series focuses on the Flint police, their work, and their constantly evolving relationship with the community.

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