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    The Best Costume This Halloween Is Going To Be The Wall From "Stranger Things"

    With little lights included so you can communicate with "the other side".

    The famous wall of lights from Stranger Things, used to communicate with "the other side", is one of the most iconic parts of the Netflix series.

    And even though we all thought Barb costumes would steal the spotlight this year...

    ...or maybe Eleven, or even Dustin...

    We were all wrong, because THE WALL OF LIGHTS is really the best idea for a Halloween costume.

    People on the internet are already sharing ideas on how to give this super fun costume a unique touch.

    Some people have opted to do it with makeup, and it looks awesome.

    Others chose something a bit more subtle when it came to paying tribute to the show.

    It's great as part of a group costume for you and your friends.

    A flowered shirt, knowledge of the alphabet, and lights are all you need to impress everyone.

    And as you can see here, it also works for couples costumes.

    One person can play the role of the wall, and the other person can be Winona's character.

    It really is as easy as it looks to put together.

    This tutorial will show you how easy it can be to recreate the costume.

    Not even Taylor Swift's squad is this cool.

    Just think about it, this could be you and your friends:

    Without a doubt, the wall is the best way to pay tribute to your favorite series this Halloween.