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These Are The 11 Sexiest Netflix Scenes Of 2018

Here's what lit up our screens this year.

1. Lucrecia and German's passionate shower sex scene, from Elite:

2. Also in Elite: the hot and epic threesome between Karla, Christian and Polo.

3. In The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the scene where the witches work together to put a spell on the boys:

4. Every time Poncho was shirtless, in The House of Flowers:

5. That impassioned kiss between Dr. Azumi Fujita and Dr. James Mantleray in Maniac:

6. And of course, this orgy scene in the season finale of Sense8:

7. The second time Betty and Jughead had sex in Riverdale:

8. Alllll the sexual tension and extremely hot moments that happened between Montague and Budd in Bodyguard:

9. This scene from Ingobernable, where Maria and Rosa share their secret love:

10. This extremely hot hookup scene in Cable Girls:

11. And finally, in Altered Carbon this extremely steamy scene:

In conclusion: Thanks for the good time in 2018, Netflix — we'll be back for you next year ;)

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This post was translated from Spanish.