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16 Reasons You Should Give Up Straws This Year

By 2050, there may be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Do you want to do something to stop it?

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Hi, my name is Greta, and I have two resolutions for 2018: I'm trying to lead a more minimalist lifestyle and I want to be more aware of my consumption habits.

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One plan I have for of my second resolution is to give up on plastic straws. I was encouraged to do so by my friend Alexandra Cadena, a screenwriter and environmentalist whose mission is to reduce plastic consumption.

2. And even though many disposable straws are made from recyclable materials, they can be difficult to recycle.

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According to the Strawless Ocean, plastic straws are too lightweight for recycling sorters and drop through sorting screens and end up in landfills. (And that's only if someone bothers putting them in the recycling bin to begin with.)


4. So that beverage that took you 15 minutes to drink will linger in the environment for generations.

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In fact, it's likely that every straw you've ever used in your life still exists in the environment somewhere.

5. And for several different reasons, straws frequently end up in the ocean.

Because they're littered on the beach, blown out of trashcans, or washed down storm drains, among other reasons.


12. To make a change, it's as simple as asking to not get a straw with your beverage when you order one.

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It may not feel like you can save the planet on your own, but little habits like this help raise awareness and your influence can easily spread. One small gesture can have a huge impact.

14. And for many people, ditching plastic straws will not affect their quality of life.

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Of course, there are exceptions, and some people need straws. But for everyone who can live without them, imagine the impact it'd have on the environment if we all stopped using them.


15. And if you're not ready to give up on straws entirely, there are tons of options for reusable straws out there.

Bamboo, stainless steel, paper, silicone, treated glass, etc. Go look around on Amazon and you're sure to find something that works for you.

This post was translated from Spanish.