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17 Halloween Makeup Looks That Will Help You Figure Out If You Have Trypophobia

Trypophobia: fear of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes.

NOTE: If you know you have trypohobia, or that anything to do with holes makes you nervous, proceed at your own risk!!

'Cause there's a lotta holes up ahead.

1. Let's start with a simple test here: Do you feel anything when you see these holes?

2. What about this pattern of Lichtenstein-esque dots all lined up together? Is this okay for you?

3. Is it just us, or are you also wondering how something so glam could also be so...terrifying?

4. Be honest: do you feel just a little queasy when you see this?

6. And how are we feeling about these spider eyes, though?

7. Still good? Okay, if you're trypophobic, this next one's really going to freak you out...

8. This one, too:

9. Anyone with a fear or disgust of closely packed holes is NOT going to like this one:

10. Or this scaly number:

11. Yep, you'll DEFINITELY not be into this one:

12. But while the honeycomb patterns are a trypophobic person's nightmare, this look is getting pretty freaky for anyone, in our opinion:

13. Like, in all honesty, we don't lOooOoOve looking at this one, either:

14. Or this one, omg:

15. But hey, if you're still here...

16. Despite everything you've **shudder** seen...

17. Congratulations! You probably don't have trypophobia.

This post was translated from Spanish.