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    18 Images That Will Only Look Like Something Else If You Have A Dirty Mind

    Wait, you see GENITALS?! Pervert.

    1. This is a....

    SmokingDog / Via

    ...purse. In fact, it's a purse that belongs to the wife of the guy who took this photo.

    2. Appreciate nature.

    Squarcle / Via

    Getting back to nature is just like being born again.

    3. Bon appétit.



    4. How touching! This dad made Ninja Turtle pancakes for breakfast.


    Well, he tried his best.

    5. Wow. That looks like a...


    ...minor accident. He should still get it checked out though.

    6. Get your mind out of the gutter.


    It's just his hand.

    7. What a lovely...


    ...cell phone case. Sure, those fingers are a little bit much, but let's move on...

    8. Nobody thought this one through when they were building the playground?

    puyol5 / Via

    I suppose that it's just a slide, right?

    9. Nothing sexual here!


    Just awful taste.

    10. Proposals are nerve-racking. You've really got to have know.


    11. This guy can't leave home without his...

    Via pillow. Obviously.

    12. Just an open pocket and nothing else.

    HippieDervish / Via

    Just an open pocket in flesh-colored shorts. AND. NOTHING. ELSE.

    13. A totally innocent pose by a group of girls.

    elmo6116 / Via

    Friends forever.

    14. Resting with his...


    ...pup. Why? What did you see?

    15. No, you're seeing things.


    It's just a stain from a leak. Cool it.

    16. Just a delicate, feminine sweater.


    Unless you've got a dirty mind, that is.

    17. Even the best photos can be ruined by poor hand placement.

    Via Twitter: @LewisCullen

    Let's NOT post this one on Instagram. What do you say?

    18. Just a dollop of face cream, then we can go to bed and put all this business behind us. Good night!

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